Team Building in Philadelphia: A Great Match, Even When It’s Cold

    After such a cold and snowy winter, most people can’t help but look forward to springtime. Last week did bring a few days that felt like Spring was coming to Philly (such a tease!) and Punxsutawney Phil promised us some relief from Winter, but why waste the next few months waiting for warmer days? You could be getting something awesome accomplished, like building a more cohesive and productive team at work.

    Play Builds Productive Teams
    Building a great team doesn’t just happen overnight. You must invest to help build bonds and the power of play helps bring your team together in ways that no work project could ever accomplish. Play “supercharges learning, helps us relieve stress, and connects us to others”.

    Philadelphia is a fantastic location for team building activities due to the amazing venues. Two of the most popular team building activities, Scaventures and Culinary events, are a perfect fit for indoor team bonding throughout the city.

    Day at the Museum Scaventure
    Scavenger hunts are often considered outdoor-only events, but they can also be wonderful opportunities for indoor team building, if you have the right venue.

    Museum based scavenger hunts are a great way to combine fun, adventure and culture with some quality team building time. DIY or work with a professional events manager to craft the perfect plan for your team.

    Picture this. Enjoy a half day exploring the African American Museum. You and your teammates solve a series of challenging brain teasers and work your way to the big payoff! The day is full of twists and turns, brimming with intrigue and friendly competition. Your team will be talking about it for years to come! Of course, great team building events have the most impact when your team is in situations where they want to engage and cooperate with co-workers. That’s exactly why museum based scavenger hunts are always a rousing success!

    Culinary Events
    Everyone loves food, right? Team Cuisine taps directly into everyone’s “inner foodie.” Plus, you can integrate this event with other activities you are already hosting at your favorite Philadelphia venue, brewery or auditorium. No need to be an expert cook, either. The final outcome is always the realization of the tasty task accomplished: conception, creation, and production of an exquisite 5-star gourmet banquet. Don’t believe me?

    “The Team Cuisine event was fantastic! All the folks I thought would be so hard to please actually enjoyed it so much that they let me know what a great experience it was.” - J.C. – Sirius Satellite Radio

    There you have it! This achievement, followed by the enjoyment of sharing a fine meal together, is a powerful metaphor to share and to bring back to your work place.

    Everyone knows that a team is bigger than the sum of its parts. Don’t put off your team building efforts just because of a little bad weather. Get your team together, plan an indoor event and come away with a more bonded, cohesive team that will be much more effective throughout the years.