The Best Entertainment For a Corporate Conference or Dinner

    These days, hosting a conference or business dinner for your company means more than getting your guests seated and their bellies stuffed. These events are about networking, branding, and 'wowing' the crowd – just the sort of thing that calls for professional entertainment. But with so much talent out there vying for your attention (and your booking payments), how will you know what to choose? First, you consider the themes or activities you’ve already put together. Then, find something creative and fun that suits it! Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

    Mystify ‘em with Magic: Everyone loves a good magic show, right? (If they didn’t, the Las Vegas shows industry would wind up nearly bankrupt.) So bring some of the wonder and excitement of magic to your event, and watch your guests’ eyes widen as they experience real “wow” factor. There are many magicians available for hire for parties, conferences, dinners, and any other events that might need a little pizzazz. Some of them also incorporate comedy or motivational speaking into their act, giving you double the entertainment quality in one stand-up guy (or girl)!

    Amazing A Capella: If you’re itching for some live entertainment, but your event simply doesn’t have the time for a full production, hiring an a capella group can really be the perfect blend of showmanship and subtlety. These guys don’t need instruments, monitors, or amps; they are content to surprise and delight your guests with simply their voices. They can wander the party like entertainment ninjas, waiting for the right moment to burst into a beautiful song. This sort of entertainment will keep all your guests giddy with anticipation.

    Crazy Caricatures: Now, let’s say this isn’t the kind of event that allows for big productions or even loud singing. Maybe you’re going for something more low-key, or you’ve rented a ballroom in a hotel and are opting for quieter entertainment that might be more respectful to the venue’s many guests. Hiring a caricature artist is a great way to have a little fun without getting too rowdy. The artist’s renderings of guests and their friends are sure to make for great conversation, and the drawing can double as a party gift and souvenir of the event. This carefree, humorous type of entertainment can really help loosen people up throughout the night.

    No matter how you choose to entertain folks at your corporate conference or dinner event, make sure the spirit of your company is adequately depicted. You want these events to be a part of your branding, showing the world (and other businesses) just what you’re made of! So go out there, have fun, and don’t forget to tell us how the party went (you can share your story on Facebook, shoot us a tweet, or comment down below!)