Theme Party Ideas: Safari Theme Party

    Are you looking for fun theme party ideas for your next event? Why not throw a safari theme party full of wild fun and adventure? This is one of those theme party ideas that you are sure to remember, and works great for kids birthday parties, adult cocktail parties, bridal and baby showers, and barbecues. Check out our tips and tricks on how to throw an amazing safari theme party.


    An outdoor event space would work really well for your safari party since the majority of your decorations and theme party ideas revolve around nature. If you need to label different areas within your party, create fun signage such as a wood colored sign that says “Wild Zone” with a fake snake attached to it. For other decorations, try to find vintage trunks and briefcases to display your snacks and desserts. You can also get a bunch of animal figurines from your local toy store to decorate your tables. For kids parties, round up a bunch of stuffed animals to use instead of flowers to help save you money on expensive center pieces. To really make it fun for your guests, have a friend dressed in safari gear stand at the front to welcome everyone as they enter. Your designated welcomer can give them a special warning before entering the premises where they are advised to not feed the animals or wander the facilities unless accompanied by one of the park rangers. This will help make them feel like they truly are a part of a safari adventure!


    For safari party food, anything with a wild animal theme goes. For kids parties, think gummy frogs and animal crackers. You can even find green Twizzlers and call them “jungle vines.” Also, get some gummy worms, stick them in a jar and top with crushed Oreos, and then label them “earth worms.” For adult snacks, you could simply serve tasty treats like caramel popcorn and serve it in decorative glass jars with an animal print ribbon wrapped around it.


    You can make these for kids or add liquor for adults. Get three large glass containers for serving punch, or consider making individual drinks and sealing them in mason jars for a hassle-free treat. Make three different concoctions to give your guests a variety of beverage options. Give them a creative name that ties in with the theme, such as “Paradise Parrot Juice,” “Jungle Juice,” and “Mai Tai.” Just make sure you place these drinks in a cool, dark spot within your event venue to avoid having them bake in the sun.


    A zebra striped cake is the perfect complement to your safari party! Your guests will be wowed when they see your party theme has been incorporated all the way into the middle of your cake. Get some chocolate and vanilla batter to get started. Mix them up in separate bowls, then scoop ¼ cup of vanilla batter into the middle of your cake pan. Then measure about ¼ cup of chocolate batter and pour it in the center of your vanilla batter. Repeat this process until your pan is 2/3 full, then bake until cooked through. For the icing, you can opt for a single color or create zebra stripes with the icing as well. For a different spin on this dessert, consider making cake pops or individual desserts in mason jars! Check out our desserts in jars blog post for more tips.

    Party Favors

    Give your guests something to remember you by! For your safari party, why not give your guests a pair of homemade safari binoculars? To make these, all you need is empty toilet paper rolls, glue gun, duct tape, black spray paint, string, and scissors. Then, glue two toilet paper rolls together to form the base of the binoculars. Then spray it black and wait until dry. Once dry, cut your string to make the necklace part of the binoculars. Finally wrap a piece of duct tape around the binoculars, securing the string underneath the duct tape. As a tip, try to find animal print duct tape to really bring home your safari theme. Kids will have loads of fun playing with these party favors!

    We hope you have a blast at your safari theme party! Need more theme party ideas? Check out our posts on how to throw a zombie party or a Mad Men party. What other ideas do you have for a safari theme party? Leave a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter!