Throwing an Eco-Friendly Corporate Holiday Party

    The holidays are all about giving, so in preparation for your company’s large corporate holiday party, it’s a great idea to keep our precious environment in mind. This year, you can “go green” while celebrating the holidays with your co-workers by planning an Eco-Friendly corporate holiday party. From invitations and decorations, to food and party favors, you can take a few steps to help save the environment while planning your event – and it won’t be any more difficult to put together. Here are some simple but effective ideas to plan an eco-friendly corporate holiday party that might even inspire your guests to save the environment too!


    Rather than sending out paper invitations, utilize Evite - the environmentally friendly online invitation program that will notify your guests of your event via e-mail. Evites are not only cost efficient, but eliminating the use of paper invitations can help save a tree! You can design your evites yourself – it’s easy to keep them tied to your holiday theme by adding winter and holiday images. Evites can benefit you in the process of planning your event: you will be able to keep track of who has viewed your invitation, and monitor everything about your guest-list online including an RSVP list.


    You can “go green” with your holiday decorations and still make your event venue look spectacular. With the holidays in mind, you should consider decorating with lights. Light up your event with all LED lighting. LED lights consume less energy than traditional lights do, so you will help the environment while you make your event look great. Lighting displays add an appealing touch to an event’s decor, so your guests will definitely be impressed when they see how nice the amazing venue looks. Get creative! Alongside your classic holiday lights, try hanging LED lights from the ceiling of your venue inside of holiday-colored lanterns.

    Candles are another great way to decorate for a holiday party. Eco-friendly candles, such as beeswax or soy candles are made with natural materials and can last longer than regular candles. Find holiday colored or themed candles and set them in the middle of each table, maybe alongside a vase of flowers or an eco-friendly organic fruit bowl. Setting a vase of water on the table with candles floating inside is another popular event venue decoration.

    Food and Table Settings

    The holiday season revolves around two important things: family and FOOD! Food is a crucial aspect of any holiday party, but you can respect the environment while stuffing your face for the holidays. Serving organic food is a great eco-friendly way to go for your corporate holiday party. Your entire menu does not have to be organic, but give your co-workers the option and try to incorporate lots of organic and locally grown/produced foods into your choices! Head over to your local Farmer’s Market and grab a few items that you can offer to your guests to help promote saving the environment. Sip organic wine with dinner that is free of artificial preservers, or offer organic eggnog to really get people in the holiday spirit.

    Party Favors

    Give your guests homemade and eco-friendly party favors or holiday gifts that won’t go to waste! Holiday chocolate or homemade holiday sweets are the perfect way to satisfy your co-workers’ sweet tooth around the holidays. Mason jars are also very environmentally friendly: they’re cheap and reusable. Everyone loves baking during the holidays, so fill mason jars with special holiday cookie ingredients and give them to your guests to bake on their own.

    It’s ultimately pretty easy to plan a corporate holiday party and help save the environment at the same time. Set up recycling bins around your event space, and help your guests make sure that they recycle the correct items by labeling your separate bins with what should go in each. From invitations and decorations to food and party favors, taking the environment into consideration won’t cause any more stress for you as the party planner. If anything, your eco-friendly attitude might even inspire all of your guests to “go green” as well!

    Did your company go green for one of their corporate events? How did they pull off an eco-friendly party? We want to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or by leaving a comment below!

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