Tips for a Corporate Awards Ceremony

    Employees at corporate companies deserve some recognition for their hard work and dedication, and what better way to do it than by planning a corporate awards ceremony? Many things have to be taken into consideration when planning an awards ceremony for your company, but have no fear! We've come up with some tips to help you plan yours.

    Big or small? Is your awards ceremony going to be a part of a larger event, or is it going to be a stand alone event to just recognize accomplishments of employees? You need to decide this ahead of time, because this can change everything including your set up and your time consumption.

    Communicate. Talk to other employees, the CEO of the company, and any other people that oversee different departments. Ask everyone who they think deserves awards; since they're all working together, they probably know who is working the hardest! If you want to do a nomination and voting system, send out an e-mail first with the categories and requests for nominations, and then asking for votes.

    If it's a stand alone event: make it spectacular and special for the company! Consider modeling your ceremony similar to the popular awards ceremonies that are featured on television: the Grammy's, Academy Awards, Emmys, Golden Globes, etc. Decide who is going to host and announce the awards. You can have each award recipient announce the next one, or have a neutral host (every office has a talker)! Set up a red carpet at your event venue, and encourage guests to dress up for a fancy dinner. Hire a photographer to document your event so everyone will remember how amazing it was!

    Make the awards special. When you're giving out the awards at your special event, truly recognize the nominees (if there are any) and winners for their accomplishments. Show the rest of the company how hard they have worked and how their dedication has pushed them further in the company. If it's in your budget, order special plaque-like awards that employees can hang on the walls of their office or at home. If it's not in your budget, nice computerized awards will work just as well!

    An awards ceremony serves to recognize the accomplishments and achievements of company members. Planning the ceremony might seem stressful, but it can be easy if you take our tips into consideration! Was your corporate awards ceremony a hit? Let us know by leaving a comment below, or on Facebook or Twitter!