Tips for a Corporate Weight Loss Challenge

    The number one New Years resolution among Americans is to lose weight, but less than 50 percent of people are actually able to keep their resolutions. When working at a corporate company, employees are most likely sitting in an office all day and eating delicious yet not so healthy food, but chances are they probably aren't getting much fitness and physical activity in with their busy work schedules. It can be hard to maintain health and weight after long days at work,  so what better way to motivate your co-workers and squeeze in some time for health than with a corporate weight loss challenge? Here are some tips that you should definitely take into consideration to keep your company in shape!

    Have you ever watched the television show, The Biggest Loser? It's a great idea to structure your weight loss challenge in a similar fashion to the way that they do on the popular reality show! Give your employees something to compete for. While they should be excited to compete for their health, it's a good idea to create an extra prize for the winner, so that they're motivated to win! Drinks at the nicest bar downtown? A day off, or a special healthy lunch one day? It's up to you!

    Split your company into teams and encourage a support system. A corporate weight loss challenge is a great team building activity! Try to even out the different weights on each team, so that one team doesn't have an advantage over another. If it's in your budget, look for trainers that can help the teams work-out and maintain healthy eating habits! You want your company to learn about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you have some fitness-junkies that work for your company, ask them to help out! That way, their habits will serve as an example and push the employees to work hard. Teams should serve as support systems for one another. They should be there to discuss triumphs and failures, and to support the rest of their team on their weight loss endeavors.

    Time and structure. Figure out how long you want your challenge to go on for. A long period of time with weekly weigh-ins is definitely effective and will most likely promise commitment from employees. Do an initial weigh-in for each person on each team at a local event venue, (privately if they request it), and at each following weigh-in, calculate the total percentage of weight loss for each team. Don't compare the pounds lost, but rather, the percentage of weight loss so that it's accurate with their hard work.

    Make it fun! Don't put your co-workers in brutal boot camp and force them to lose weight. Add a pilates or kick-boxing class in the middle of the work day, and encourage them to visit the local gym for an hour a day! Plan a corporate basketball or softball game at a great event location - any physical activity counts! If you cut time in the work day for them to get their fitness on, they are more likely to do it. If you tell them that they have to do too much on their own, it might be more difficult with their long work days and they might not be able to handle such an immediate lifestyle change.

    Overall, it's important to encourage a healthy lifestyle in your corporate company, so by offering healthy food at lunch, cutting out time in the work day for fitness, and encouraging competition and teamwork, your company will really enjoy a corporate weight loss challenge! Find a party venue and have a success celebration afterward.... with healthy foods! How did your company handle your corporate weight loss challenge? Let us know in a comment below, or on Facebook or Twitter!