Tips for Feeding a Large Group of People at a Corporate Event

    Are you planning on feeding a lot of people at your next corporate event? It's important to think about logistics and all the little details that go into it to ensure you have all your bases covered. Here are some tips on how to feed a crowd.

    Check the kitchen. Book an event space with a kitchen that will suit your needs. Make sure it comes with all the supplies, oven space, and fridge space you will need. You may have to bring some extra supplies such as serving spoons, soap, dish towels and oven mitts if the venue does not have all of these materials. If you're having the event catered, make sure to arrange for the caterer to see the facilities so both parties set the right expectations.

    Be smart about your menu. Make sure whatever food items you are preparing require the same or similar cooking temperatures. Think about how much fridge and freezer space is needed as well as counter top space. Don't forget to think about dessert and serving plates too.

    Estimate the amount of food you will need. This is going to vary greatly depending on the amount of people attending your event as well as their age, the time of day, and the other activities that will be happening.

    The menu should match the function. You want people to have a good time at your event! If you're hosting a formal party, serve gourmet food at your event venue. If you're limited on space or planning a more casual party, think about serving something like brunch, lunch, or buffet instead. Also, be considerate of your guests eating lifestyles and allergies. Provide options such as vegetarian, gluten-free and nut-free foods.

    Get help. Hire a catering service or other staff to help you prepare, serve and clear all the dishes you will be serving at your corporate event or social gathering. Give them detailed instructions so that you can focus on other important items on the big day.

    Follow best practices for food safety. Hot foods must be kept hot and cold foods cold. Do not take any risks as they could result in food poisoning. Use a bleach solution to wipe down all counters and surfaces to prevent any contamination from raw meats and other germs.

    Get all other supplies at a party rental store. If you need extra tables, chairs, bowls or dishes, check out a party rental place. They are fully stocked with anything you might need to bring to your corporate event space.

    Plan ahead. Give yourself plenty of extra time for everything and delegate tasks to other people if necessary. Create a list for the kitchen staff of all the things that need to get done and also include the time they need to have the tasks completed by. This will ensure everything runs according to plan.

    What other tips do you have for feeding a large number of people at once? Share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter.