Top 10 Pinterest Spring Party Decorations

    Spring is just around the corner! It’s time to get into the spirit of the season. Are you throwing a spring bash at an indoor or outdoor event space? Check out these top 10 Pinterest spring party decorations to inspire you for your next spring party.

    Flower Birdhouse

    Great for displaying in your home or throughout your spring event venue, these flower bird houses are sure to brighten the spirits of anyone who walks through the door.

    Edible Display

    Whether you want to use fruits, veggies, cheese or meat, edible center pieces are all the rage right now. Choose a variety of bright colors to really make this decoration pop!

    Flower Boxes

    Get a bunch of cardboard boxes, wrap them in pretty spring-themed paper and arrange an assortment of flowers in each one.

    Pastel Party Dessert Table

    Make M&M cookie sandwiches and arrange on a pastel plate for the perfect spring party treats!

    Balloon Flowers

    These flowers brighten up any party in spring or summertime. Simply purchase miniature balloons, blow them up into the appropriate size, gather a bunch together into a flower shape and secure onto a stick.

    Spring Party Favors Arranged on Flowers

    Get yellow and orange jelly beans and place them in paper muffin holders. Cut out paper flowers and then place the jelly beans in the center.

    Butterfly Chandelier

    If you have the time, this decoration can come out really beautiful if you make it yourself by hand. Cut out a bunch of different colored and different sized butterflies. Arrange onto two plastic or rubber rings and secure to a pole or piece of PVC pipe. Dangle strings of butterflies down in between the rings and you’ve just made a breathtaking spring decoration for your next party.

    Rainbow Easter Ball

    If you’re hosting an event outside you can hang these Easter balls in the surrounding trees for a truly gorgeous ambiance. All you need is Styrofoam cups, super glue and colored fake Easter basket grass!

    Potted Grass

    Get pots of your choice, fill them with soil and grow some grass! You can set these anywhere to celebrate the season of new growth!

    Fruit Cones

    These work well as a healthy party favor to serve at your next event. Get some waffle cones put them in glasses and fill them up with fruit. Yum!

    What other spring decor ideas do you have? What are you using to decorate your next spring party? Share with us in the comments section below, on Facebook or Twitter!