Top 10 Save The Date Cards

    If you just got engaged, the next step of the planning process is choosing a date for your wedding and sending out your Save The Date cards! Save The Date cards are one of the first and most exciting steps in the wedding process and sets the theme of your wedding. After those are sent, it's time to start the wedding planning process, including wedding venue browsing, dress shopping, cake tasting, and more! Here are our top 10 favorite and most creative Save The Date cards to start off your nuptial celebrations:

    1. Movie Poster

    It's your are the star of it. That is why movie poster Save The Date cards are perfectly fitting for the occasion, especially if you are avid film lovers! Using a movie poster template for your Save The Date card allows you to get creative and help bring home your theme. Having a rustic wedding? Go with a western genre movie poster! Whether your poster is a romantic comedy or drama theme, these Save The Date cards will ensure that your potential guests will truly keep the date in mind.

    2. Literally Saving the Date

    If you and your spouse-to-be are the funny, goofy types, taking a literal interpretation of "saving the date" may be the perfect idea for you. Whether you are reaching down to prevent the date from falling, as shown in the photo above, or throwing a lifejacket at a drowning date, you will portray a clever and memorable way to tell your guests to save the date of your wedding. You can also dress yourselves up however you like and use any sort of filter or color schemes for the picture that will portray your personalities and the tone of your wedding.

    3. Using Your Furry Friends

    If you and your fiancée already have a feline or canine companion, consider using them in your save the date picture! Pets are undeniably adorale and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Whether you hang a sign around your dog's neck with the date written on it or dress your cat up in a wedding dress, you will have one of the most memorable Save The Date cards that your guests will remember for years to come.

    4. Balloons

    There are multiple ways to incorporate balloons into your Save The Date cards. One way is to blow them up and write the wedding date on them while you and your future spouse hold the balloons in a picturesque setting. Another way you can use balloons for your Save The Date card is to send balloons that are ready to be inflated with a cute caption that says "Inflate The Date," where your guests must inflate a balloon to reveal the wedding date. Not only is this an easy Save The Date card to design and send, it is also extremely fun and interactive.

    5. Vinyl Record  + Cover 

    If you and your future spouse are the indie sweethearts who spend countless hours perusing record stores and listening to music, then these Save The Date cards are perfect for you. You can write the date out on the vinyl record and put pictures of you two as a couple as decoration for the vinyl sleeve. These Save The Date cards will not only be informative but also a memorable keepsake for everyone involved in the wedding planning process.

    6. Photo Booth 

    Photo Credit: Tarabrittni

    Photo booths are all the rage right now, so why not use them for your Save The Date card? A photo strip is a fun and trendy way to announce the date of your wedding while capturing a special moment in time. Use each picture of the photo strip to share a bit of information about the wedding. For example, in one picture, you and your fiancée can hold a sign that says "Save The Date," meanwhile in the subsequent picture, you can hold a sign that says the actual date of the wedding.

    7. Candy Wrapper

    If both you and your guests have a sweet tooth, these candy wrapper Save The Date cards may be the perfect treat. All you need are your favorite chocolate bars and a fun wrapper design announcing your wedding date. Just slip the wrappers onto standard sized chocolate bars and not only will your guests have all the information they need, they will have a sweet snack as well!

    8. Floppy Disc 

    For those who are the nostalgic type, a floppy disc Save The Date card is a great choice, especially for those tech-oriented couples. These Save The Date cards are extremely easy to assemble since all you need are the stickers or labels announcing the wedding to be put on the floppy discs. You could easily do this for a CD mix as well.

    9. Crossword Puzzle

    Everyone loves drinking a cup of coffee in the morning and working on a stimulating crossword puzzle. If you would like to make your Save The Date card into a game, you should consider making your announcement a fun yet easy crossword puzzle. You can give clues to the date, the month, and any other information the same way clues would be given on a typical crossword puzzle. Be sure to put the answers somewhere else on the card in case some of your guests are less inclined to play!

    10. Boarding Pass or Event Ticket

    These boarding pass (or event ticket) Save The Date cards resemble real event tickets and are easy to create in Photoshop or any graphic design software. These are especially great if you're planning a destination wedding, bringing home the jet setting theme.


    Have you received a creative Save The Date card recently? What are some of your favorite Save The Dates cards that you've seen? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.