Top 5 Creative Marriage Proposals

    Planning to pop the question soon? With the holiday season in view, fall is the perfect time to propose. Check out these YouTube videos of creative marriage proposals and be inspired!

    5. Airplane Descent
    Major props to this future groom who managed to propose in midair! (Skip ahead to 1:55 to see the actual proposal)

    4. Downtown Disney Flash Mob
    This guy makes the classic flash mob proposal special by proposing at the happiest place on Earth.

    3. Falling Off Building
    Best way to literally illustrate your love? "Fall" like this daring fiancée.

    2. Movie Trailer
    For the film fanatics, get inspired by this cute movie theater proposal.

    1. Live Lip Dub
    This guy takes the cake for most creative proposal, organizing an elaborate and heart-warming musical performance to pop the question.

    What are some of the most creative marriage proposals you've seen or heard? Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter!