Top 5 Fall Gift Bag Ideas

    Are you planning a wedding, company holiday party, or neighborhood cocktail party this season? Then you’re probably looking for some cool fall gift bag ideas!

    An Orange Bag of Fun

    This gift bag idea works great for October! Just get a bunch of fun little gifts that are all orange in color and put them in a little basket with an orange ribbon wrapped around it. Think nail polish, candy, notepads, chapstick, gum, and pens. This gift bag idea also works well for children’s birthdays, so if you have any little ones with fall birthdays, keep this gift idea in mind.

    Easy DIY Fall Goody Bag of Cookies

    If you’re looking to create a bunch of goody bags for your party guests to grab as they walk out the door of your event space, then this gift bag idea is for you! Just go to your local craft store and pick up some inexpensive decorative tags and fake leaves for fall along with some cellophane wrap and twine. Then, bake up a few dozen of your favorite type of cookies. Finally wrap up your cookies in the cellophane and seal with twine and your fall-themed tags and fake leaves.

    Homemade Owl Goody Bags

    These are perfect for company parties or classroom parties. All you need is some candy or other treats to go inside the bag, construction paper, glue, and scissors. Make the owl faces to go on the tops of the bags. Simply fill the bags with candy, close them up with the owls and voila! Owl gift bags!

    Craft Paper Goody Bags

    Head out to your craft store and pick up a pad of craft paper to make these awesome craft paper goody bags. Lia Griffith has step by step directions on how to make these bags on her Halloween party blog post. But basically you trim one edge of the paper with zig-zag scissors, flip the paper over and turn down to create a top border that will be a different pattern than the rest of the bag. Fold the edges together to make a circle and tape to secure. Then create the bottom of the bag and make sure it is taped securely. Punch a hole on each side of the bag and create a ribbon handle. Then fill with goodies of your choice.

    Homemade Holiday Scent

    Why not make a non-food gift bag for your party guests? A recent trend that’s been popping up this fall is homemade holiday scents. All you need to do is dehydrate some apple slices, oranges, and lemons, then add in some holiday spices. Seal in a bag with little instructions that say “add water and heat over stovetop.” Your guests will be delighted they can brew the smell of Christmas right in their kitchen.

    Which one of these fall gift bag ideas is your favorite? Feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter!