Top 5 Outdoor Party Decorating Ideas

    Are you getting ready to host an outdoor party? Check out these awesome decorating ideas for outdoor party!

    Light Up Your Coolers with Glow Sticks

    Your party guests need to see what they are drinking at your outdoor party, so help them out by tossing some glow sticks into your coolers and buckets of ice. Not only will this help them see what’s at the bar but it will also give a really nice lighting to the event space.

    Make Pretty Paper Bowls

    Of course you’re going to serve snacks to your guests, and you’ll need a no-fuss way to serve them when throwing an outdoor party. Get a bunch of paper plates and fold each one individually into a smaller square container. Then wrap with a colorful rubber band and fill with nuts or other snacks. These work great since each person can just come up and grab one when they get hungry!

    Decorative Paper Lanterns

    Light up the night with decorative paper lanterns! You can also hang some mason jars filled with sand and votive candles from tree branches to create romantic and festive lighting for your outdoor party. For the paper lanterns, you can either make them yourself if you’re feeling crafty, or pick them up at your local party supply store.

    Paper Cocktail Covers

    Keep bugs, leaves, and other unwelcome items from your drinks by topping glasses with these neat little covers (otherwise known as baking cups). Cut a small X into the center of each liner, poke a straw through the hole, and enjoy your beverage without worrying about the elements.

    Daisy Décor

    If you have wooden posts or some other outdoor fixture that needs some style, consider making little buckets full of flowers to hang around your event venue. Secure them around your party with decorative ribbon. After the party is over you can plant in your garden or keep around your house for a festive decoration.

    What are some of your décor ideas for an outdoor party? Feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below or on Facebook or Twitter!