Top Event Planning Apps to Garner Audience Engagement

    With the expanding amount of smartphones, tablets, and technology, getting event attendees to interact and engage has been easier than ever. Whether it is a lecture, a conference, a performance, or anything in between, it is important to garner the attention of your guests. Since event venues can be so large and sometimes people can lose their focus, we have found the best smartphone and tablet applications that will bring back the audience engagement.


    Bizzabo is an application that helps companies promote their events and engage with their attendees. This is great because event planners can update information regarding their event, such as the agenda, event location partners, and more. They can even message or network with attendees via the application.


    iSurvey can be used virtually in any situation and is useful for many reasons. It can be used to get feedback on a prior event or speaker, but can also be used to gain what the audience wants to hear. For example, bands can use this app to have the audience vote for a song they would like to hear. When used as a tool in the midst of an event, iSurvey definitely boosts audience engagement since the attendees may feel as if they have a say in the show, lecture, performance, or more.


    Grupio is an all inclusive application that is perfect for conferences that have many events and speakers. Attendees are allowed to make their own schedule, look at the entire event schedule, look up speakers, participate in surveys, and even access an event venue map! This is extremely useful for events that go on for multiple days and definitely engages the audience so they know everything about the event and all from the palm of their hand.


    Keynote is perfect if your event requires visuals, graphs, charts, and more. It puts together video, animations, and you can even narrate the slideshow for your viewers' pleasure. This is an informative tool and definitely visually stimulating, so be sure to use Keynote for an engaging event!

     Instagram and Twitter

    We all know that Instagram and Twitter are popular for personal use, but when properly used and with extreme professionalism, these social media sites can definitely engage your event attendees. For example, have all of your attendees hashtag the name of your event when uploading pictures and tweets. You can even make a contest out of it. This is very common for large events, such as the Golden Globes, where even people who are not attending are participating in conversations. Using Instagram and Twitter in your favor will definitely help reach out to your guests and promote your event to people who did not attend.

     What applications have you used to garner audience engagement? Did we miss any important ones? Let us know in comments below, or on Facebook or Twitter.