Top Warning Signs When Hiring Event Staff

    Selecting the right candidates for your event staff can be a harder task than it seems. Occasionally, your event venue will provide staff, but a lot of the times they do not, which means you have to go through the tedious process of interviewing and hiring staff. Sometimes, you really believe you chose the right batch but the event day comes and some people don't show up and problems arise. There may not be a fool proof way of picking out staff but there are definitely some interview warning signs that you should take note of.


    This really goes without saying, but also can't be stressed enough. If someone is going to be late to the interview, chances are they will be late to the event venue or perhaps may not show up at all. This obviously isn't true all the time and in some circumstances, people arrive late to an interview for unforeseeable reasons. However, for the most part, people should take into account traffic, parking, and potentially getting lost into their commute to the interview and should therefore be on time, if not early.


    Working an event is definitely a job for someone who knows how to communicate with people, especially if your event will have important people, such as CEOs, celebrities, and more. If your interviewee comes off as shy or quiet, they may also be shy and quiet while working, which can cause problems if you have demanding guests. If you need your event staff to enforce rules, such as regulating entrance to rooms or working check in, they most certainly cannot be shy.


    Sometimes, confidence and arrogance can be confused with each other. It is very important to really understand and be able to distinguish the difference between the two. Confidence will help your event staff be able to fulfill all their duties with ease. When people are arrogant, they are often times too confident and have problems being told what to do. An arrogant staff member may go against directions and do somethings their own way, which can be a problem and get in the way of the fluidity of the event. Remember to use your best judgment when interviewing and to try to distinguish the difference between a confident person and an arrogant person.

    Lack of Experience and Skills

    It is always tough when hiring event staff and choosing between a person with a radiant personality and someone who has exceptional skills. At the end of the day, you want the event to go by as smoothly as possible. A great personality is always a commendable trait, but if they are lacking the work experience, they may slow down the event. There are small aspects of working events that many people naturally learn over time. Someone who has this experience and set of skills, such as proper serving methods, and still has good people skills will be a far better choice than the person who you absolutely loved, personality-wise.

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