Trends in Events from Catch My Party: Lemonade Stand Parties!

    Looking for some cool party ideas? We talk with Jillian from Catch My Party a few times a month to catch up on trends in events and DIY parties, and as it turns out, lemonade stand parties are all the rage! This is one of the hottest party trends perfect for the warm summer months. The lemonade stand theme works great for kids birthday parties, but can also be lots of fun for adult birthday parties and anniversaries. Lemonade stand parties are even being thrown for charity fundraisers and other corporate events. Check out our tips and tricks on how to put together your own unique lemonade stand party!

    Make a Lemonade Stand

    The first thing you'll want to do is make or buy a simple lemonade stand to feature in your event space on the day or night of your party. To make your own lemonade stand, get a long sturdy table and cover it with a bright tablecloth. You could also get a piece of wood to secure to the front of the table and paint it yellow and white if you want a vintage lemonade stand look. Then, purchase some colorful tissue paper or construction paper from your local craft or stationary store and cut into circles or triangles. Then glue the decorations onto the front of your tablecloth or wood to make a pretty front side of your lemonade stand. If it’s a birthday party or anniversary, you may want to consider getting decorative letters and writing ‘Happy Birthday’ or 'Happy Anniversary' on the front of the tablecloth or wood. Finally, get two posts to put behind the lemonade stand and fasten a sign across them. You could make the sign out of wood or cut letters out of construction paper and string them together across the two poles.

    Create a Lemonade Bar

    If you’re planning to host your party at an event venue, make sure it has outdoor space available since lemonade stand parties work best outdoors. Create an extravagant lemonade bar to keep your guests cool and refreshed throughout the day. Mix it up with different flavors like strawberry lemonade, lemon-limeade, orange lemonade, and so on.

    Another great idea for the lemonade stand theme party is to make an alcoholic lemonade bar for the adults. Get high quality vodka, rum, and tequila to stock the bar. Also, purchase some simple syrups so that people can flavor their lemonade cocktails however they want. Think outside of the box on this one; buy unique syrup flavors like mint, basil, cilantro, rose, lavender, and vanilla, like this one from Sur La Table. You should also stock the bar with limes, cherries, oranges, and some beer for those who want to make Shandy's (beer and lemonade).

    To really bring the theme home, make lemon and lime ice cubes! To do this, simply use a metal cupcake tray, fill with water, place lemon and lime rounds into the water, and freeze. You could also make raspberry ice cubes to add to glasses of regular lemonade. Serve your lemon and raspberry ice cubes in a large bowl. This easy trick is sure to impress your party guests!

    Decorate with Yellow Color Schemes

    Deck out your party with all shades of lemon including yellow, green, white, brown, and black. Get yellow and white plates, napkins, and cups for the tables. Blow up balloons in the chosen theme colors and purchase big lemon-scented candles to display around the event space. It’s also fun to decorate with summer flowers such as sunflowers and tulips. You can keep it casual and put the flowers in mason jars with water and lemon for a breezy summer party, or for more formal events, spruce them up with fancy vases and ribbons. Finally, decorate your space with a bunch of different sized glass vases and jars and fill them with whole lemons.

    Serve Food with a Lemon Theme

    Take the time to prepare and serve party food that coordinates with the lemonade stand theme. Here are some ideas for what to serve:

    • Pink lemonade tea cakes
    • Strawberry lemonade cupcakes
    • Lemonade cake
    • Strawberry lemonade cookies
    • Lemon-shaped cookies
    • Pink lemonade fudge
    • Lemon gumballs
    • Lemon Merengue Pie
    • Lemon Bars

    What else would you use for a lemonade stand party? Share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter.

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