Trends in Events: How to Throw a Pinterest Party

    We recently caught up with Jillian from Catch My Party, the ultimate party resource for any DIY celebration, to talk about one of the most recent party trends: Pinterest Parties! These are great for gatherings of any age. The idea is that you make something together, like baking recipes or fun crafts. The host can pick up all the project supplies or provide the recipes, or the group can decide on the project together and each bring supplies to contribute to the party. Here are some ideas for how to throw a fabulous Pinterest party!

    Holiday Pinterest Party

    Do you have a group of friends who love the goodies and crafts of the holiday season? A holiday Pinterest party is the perfect way to round up all of those friends to make some festive holiday items such as cupcakes, decorations, or the ultimate ginger bread house. Set up a station for each decorative craft and ask each guest to bring both an appetizer or dessert and a decoration for ginger bread houses that they found on Pinterest. Once everyone arrives, enjoy your tasty food and then get crafting! At the end of the event, everyone should have homemade holiday decorations and treats to take home.

    Moms Night Out Party

    Are you a busy mom? If you are constantly pinning things to your Pinterest profile but never get around to trying them out, consider hosting a Moms Night Out Pinterest party! Invite a group of your mom friends for a Moms Night Out and ask if they have found any favorite craft activities on Pinterest. Set up tables for each craft. For example, you could have one table to make jewelry, one for painting ceramics, one for homemade decorations, and so on. Stock your event space with plenty of drinks and food to keep your guests happy while crafting. You could also put together some goody bags as a thank you for coming.

    White Elephant Style Craft Party

    For a different spin on the craft Pinterest party, consider adding a little mystery. Simply ask your guests to search for their favorite craft on Pinterest, buy the supplies needed for it, and wrap it up as a present. Then when they arrive at the party they can exchange the gifts in a white elephant gift exchange game! That way each person takes home a fun and unique creation.

    Dessert and Baking Pinterest Party

    For this idea, you’ll have to make sure you have access to a large kitchen and plenty of cooking utensils. Have your guests bring in a recipe and ingredients to make their favorite dessert or baked good that they’ve recently seen on Pinterest. It’s a good idea to let others know who is bringing what so you don’t have duplicate desserts. Be sure there is enough tupperware and containers so that everyone can take a dessert home.

    Cocktail Pinterest Party

    Get in touch with your inner bartender! Round up the most unique cocktail recipes you’ve found on Pinterest, stop by your local liquor store to load up on all the accoutrements, and invite your guests over for a fun night of mixology. Make sure to take photos during your event to add to Pinterest later, and consider arranging for a taxi or town car to pick everyone up and take everyone home.

    Wedding Planning Pinterest Party

    Are you recently engaged? Then it’s time to throw a wedding planning Pinterest party! Invite all your closest friends to come over to your house. Tell them to bring their laptops and tablets. Then serve your guests drinks and food while you all collectively pin items to your wedding ideas pin board. You could even create several different boards; one for the dress, one for the venue decorations, one for the food, and so on. Once you have all the ideas pinned onto your boards, you can start hunting for all the fun things you found on Pinterest.

    The options are practically endless when it comes to throwing your very own Pinterest party. What type of Pinterest party would you throw? Feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter!