Unique Event Entertainment You've Never Seen Before

    If you are planning an event and you are looking for some entertainment, you might want to consider doing something out of the ordinary, especially if you want your event to be remembered for years to come. There are many types of unique event entertainment that are a lot easier to find and book than you would think! The most important thing to consider when booking event entertainment is that you want it to be interesting and appealing for your guests, such as something that they have always been interested to do or see but normally do not have the time for it. Here is a list of our favorite unique event entertainment.


    Most of your guests probably enjoy the occasional drink and would also enjoy having one specialized to their specific taste preferences. Often times at bars, the bartender is too busy and specialty cocktails can be a bit pricey. With the presence of a mixologist, your guests will be able to learn how to make the perfect cocktail and be able to try various drinks that they may have always wanted to try. Make sure to check with the event venue about bringing an outside mixologist in. If they allow it, a mixologist will definitely make your gathering unique and have your guests begging for another event.

    Interactive Sushi Chef:

    Similar to the mixologist, a sushi chef would be ideal as interactive entertainment for your event. Everyone loves food and learning how to roll your own sushi will be a skill worth having. Sushi chefs are always very entertaining and the interactive factor of this will make for great memories at your event! As with bringing in a mixologist, it is important to make sure that the event space allows outside food to be brought in.


    Whether people believe in it or not, going to a psychic or having their palm read is something quite a few people want to check out at some point in their life. At the same time, it might be something people wouldn’t go out of their way to do. That is why having a psychic at your event is a fun and unique activity that your guests will definitely be excited for and are sure to remember!

    Acrobatic Fire Acts:

    If you are looking for some unique event entertainment on a larger scale and your event venue permits it, you should consider acrobatic fire acts. Watching acrobats is already entertaining, but adding fire in the mix makes this act the utmost unique. You can guarantee that most of your attendees have never seen this act before and will most likely never see it again, which makes your event a once-in-a-lifetime opprtunity.

    Dancing Speed Painter:

    Very rarely do people get to see the progress of a work of art, from start to finish. That is why a dancing speed painter is spectacular entertainment. Your guests will be able to see a painting come together from start to finish while also watching the painter engage in delicate and graceful dance moves, both of which require extreme talent and concentration. This is definitely unique event entertainment that a crowd of almost any age can enjoy!

    Have you booked any unique event entertainment? What type of entertainment do you enjoy at events? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook or Twitter.