Using Pinterest in your Event Planning

    There are tons of different outlets that we can use for event planning: from event planners, to gathering ideas in magazines, in this day and age, planning an event is much easier than you may think! Have you ever heard of Pinterest? Pinterest allows users to share their own personal content and interests with links to images and websites. If you're planning an event, Pinterest can make it a little bit easier for you. Here are a few ways that you can use Pinterest in your event planning.

    Decorations. Pinterest has all different types of decoration ideas for any type of event. You can search anything from your theme to just what type of decoration you want in the search bar, and tons of different options will come up! After searching "event decorations" in the search bar, a variety of different pinned photos and websites came up, including this room and food table that looks like it's decorated for a Fall house party! You can search for whatever types of decorations you want, and Pinterest will be sure to help you out if you're stuck.

    Recipes. Want to cook or bake something creative for your next event, but don't know exactly what to choose? Pinterest can help you out. Again, you can type in the search bar whatever type of food/drinks you want, and it will direct you to a huge number of recipe outlets! From creative cocktails, to the main course, to delicious sweets and treats, Pinterest has it all. Clicking on the pins will direct you to websites that will be filled with recipes and things similar to your search! We typed in "creative cocktail recipe" and got too many amazing results to count, including this delicious looking "Exotic Blue Hawaiian" drink!

    Need Specific Ideas? The search bar literally allows you to type in whatever you want. Having a beach themed wedding, and don't know what to do about your wedding cake? Type in "beach-themed wedding cake!" We did, and we came up with all sorts of options!

    When we say you can search whatever, we mean it! You can search style/outfit tips for any type of event, actual event venues, invitation ideas, and you can even search for specific event planners! Pinterest has it all. Try following some famous event planners or event groups on the site and check out their boards! They will be filled with event planning tips and tricks that will definitely help you out!

    Questions or comments? Additional tips on how to use Pinterest in your event planning? Let us know in a comment below, or on Facebook or Twitter!