Valentine’s Day Kids Crafts

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which means Valentine's Day parties and crafts for the kids! V-Day can be a great day to whip out the glue and construction paper with the kids and have some good clean fun creating cool crafts to share with the people in your life! If you're throwing a family-friendly party for the holiday consider setting up a kids craft table in the event venue to ensure they stay entertained throughout the event.

    Hand-Shaped Valentines:

    Get some colored construction paper, markers and scissors. Have the kids trace their hand (and of course assist them if needed) then cut the shapes out with scissors. A personalized note on the card with some decoration such as heart-shaped cutouts sends a touching message on Valentine’s Day.

    Book of Love:

    Kids love to make gifts for Mom! This fun little notepad will sure to tug at her heartstrings.

    Cut out a big red heart from construction paper about 6-inches across. Then cut out 20 sheets of white paper tracing the red heart for size. Stack together and poke holes down the center with a tapestry needle. Thread the needle with yarn tying a knot on one end and then sewing it through the holes and securing with a knot at the end. For little kids, make sure to assist with this part.

    Valentine Hat:

    If you are planning kids crafts for the Valentine’s Day party or corporate event, making Valentine Hats can be a fun craft for kids of all ages. You’ll need foam hearts, glue, staples, scissors, pens, a white poster board and a ruler. Cut the poster board into an appropriate size and decorate with hearts and designs. Glue together, stapling if necessary. Make sure to measure the size of the child’s head before stapling into a hat.

    Candy Bunny Paper Craft:

    The candy bunny paper craft is simple and fun entertainment for children on Valentine’s Day. Make a template of the bunny that the kids can trace for their own project. Have them draw the face and color the ears then help them glue the arms together to create a candy holder. Have bags of sugar straws, lollipops and other sweets to stock the bunnies. Then have the children distribute their Valentine’s treats around the party.

    Valentine’s Mailbox Craft Kit

    This craft is easy enough for all ages! Grab some shoe boxes, paper, scissors, glue, markers, stickers and other decorations, and get ready for some fun. Cut a slit in the top lid of the shoebox and have the kids decorate them as they wish. Then set up a time for the kids to go around and distribute their Valentine’s cards to each other to fill the boxes up.

    What other kids craft ideas do you have?

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