Valentine's Day The DIY Way: Homemade Party Favors

    Hosting a Valentine’s Day Bash is a great way to celebrate with loved ones or friends. The ultimate way to show your guests some lovin’ is to make something from the heart. Send them home with a great party favor that you made yourself. To ensure that your DIY favors are amazing, we have listed some of the best homemade party favors. These will 'wow' your guests so much that everyone will continuously ask you where you purchased the awesome favors!

    Favor Idea #1: Red Velvet Cupcake in a Mason Jar

    The red velvet cupcake in a mason jar is the perfect gift to cure anyone’s sweet tooth. The jar is filled with a foundation of red velvet cake and topped with cream cheese icing. Then another layer of red velvet cake is placed as filler and then to finish, another layer of cream cheese icing is plopped on top. Yummy! To dress up your jar, print cute stickers with funny one-liners, your guest’s initials, or name. Complete the jar with a ribbon securing a spoon for instant enjoyment.

    Favor Idea #2: I 'Chews' You!

    Not only does this pick up line steal hearts, but also, the idea is truly original. Find unique glass jars and then fill them with a great chewable candy. This idea is simple and cost effective. In addition, print out and complete the look with the adorable tag. It’s a free printable!

    Favor Idea #3: Valentine Cracker

    Everyone loves a good candle. The aroma soothes and fills the room with an attracting scent. However, these candles are shaped to impress! The XOXO theme is the perfect way to send your guests off with a smile. And these little candles are the easiest DIY.

    Favor Idea #4: I Dig You!

    What a creative and easy goody bag. All you need is a plastic shovel, m&m’s, a cute Valentine's Day label tied with ribbon, and a clear gift bag. This party favor is filled with color. It will make your guests smile and have everyone raving about your creativity!

    Favor Idea #5: Pretzels Party Favor

    Chocolate covered pretzels are always a great treat. Melt white, milk, or dark chocolate and simply dip the tall stick pretzels. To enhance your dipped pretzels with color, dye the white chocolate different colors of pink and red! You can also jazz your pretzels up with sprinkles.

    What other Valentine's Day DIY Party Favors have you tried in the past? If you have any other great Homemade Valentine's Day ideas share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or by leaving a comment below!