Venue Highlight: Amy & Ivan from Metro37

    When it comes to event venues in Los Angeles, there are more than just restaurants and theaters. Hidden gems hide around every corner, like metro37. Ideally situated between the west side and downtown LA, metro37 is a different kind of venue. We were lucky enough to talk to both Amy Lee and Ivan Arnold, co-owners of this unique loft space in Culver City. They talked to us about managing a newer, industrial venue, the perks of their versatile space, and being one of the best deals in town.

    Tell me a little about your venue, metro37.
    Ivan: metro37 is a very unique venue. We have a huge, open, blank canvas. You can basically do whatever you want with it. There’s really nothing like it in LA. We have rigging in the ceiling. We’re all set up for LED spotlights, concert lighting, projectors, a commercial crate stage that can be turned into communal tables. It’s very multi-purpose. We’ve had everything from wedding receptions to charity events to corporate events. It’s just make it yours, your way.

    Tell us about this event you’re doing for Vice Magazine.
    Ivan: It’s called Casa Indio for Indio beer. It draws on the rich culture of Indio beer, the oldest brewer in Mexico. They’ve flown out bands, they’re doing workshops where they train you with silk screenings. It’s tons of Mexican arts, culture, and entertainment crammed into three weeks. We’ve provided the venue and support services and we basically let them turn it into Casa Indio.*

    How long has your venue been putting on events?
    Ivan: metro37 has been open since December 2012 but in that time, we’ve already had 25 events. We’re serving a market that wasn’t really there. There’s a lot of opportunity. We’re also really reasonable compared to what’s around.

    What are your favorite types of events at metro37?
    Amy: We’ve had so many of them. We had an underground dining event, with Chef Amy Jurist, she won the LA caterer of the year for 2012. You can find her at Amy’s Culinary Adventures. She found our venue and wanted to do a pop-up underground dining experience where she invited 80 people to dine exclusively at Metro 37. It was quite a unique experience. She does this twice a year. Secret location, makes it fun, makes it exciting. She brought in her own crew and equipment and she really made it her own, she was able to create these amazing meals out of our warehouse space.

    How has listing your venue with Eventup impacted your business?
    Amy: Our very first client was through Eventup. It was a client looking to host a charity event fundraiser for her daughter Taylor, she was a leukemia survivor.

    What is the best part about working with Eventup?
    Ivan: It’s just really easy. Really easy user system. And to be able to respond and quantify and gage the quality of the leads…I can gage the quality of an Eventup lead in seven seconds based on food, intent, and budget.

    Helpful tip that people should know about your venue.
    Ivan: We're centrally located between Santa Monica and Downtown LA. LA’s best kept secret when it comes to event venues.

    What is your biggest challenge as a venue manager?
    Amy: Having to set up on ceilings and rigging. It’s time consuming and tiring, but it’s about delivering that extra detail.

    Thank you Amy, Ivan, and metro37 for sharing your insights and perspective with us. We appreciate your story and hope it encourages others to list on Eventup! View other LA venues at Eventup.

    *The Casa Indio event has now concluded.