Venue Highlight: The Rooftop in New York, Toshi’s Penthouse

    What do you get when you mix the Flatiron District, a killer rooftop and live music? For starters, you get the makings of an incredible event space. Add an alter ego named Toshi, a dog named Ponzu and live music and the place becomes the ultimate exclusive rooftop in New York. Welcome to Toshi’s Penthouse.

    We had a chance to chat with Robert “Toshi” Chan, the owner and resident badass of Toshi’s Penthouse about how he came to own this venue, why he loves Eventup and got him to dish on insider secrets.

    Please tell us about your venue. 
    Toshi’s Penthouse is actually part of the Flatiron Hotel, a twelve-story boutique luxury four-star hotel located in the heart of the Flatiron District. Toshi’s Penthouse is 4,000 square feet and located at the top of the Hotel with cocktail capacity for up to 350 guests. The mezzanine level is referred to as Toshi’s Living Room and a restaurant is located on the entrance level. See Toshi’s Penthouse listing on Eventup.

    Rooftop Top New York - Toshi's Penthouse

    Why did you pick the Flatiron District in New York for the location of your venue?
    Dumb luck and the view. The building was in foreclosure and involved in some heavy real estate litigation. No one wanted to touch it. No one was even really sure who the owner was. I was able to find the owner and make contact with him; we figured out how to make it work. The area itself is going through gentrification. It is transforming. In the last nine months, six restaurants have opened up on the same street as the Hotel.

    What makes your venue unique?
    The view and our music; the angle on which the building is situated provides these amazing 360 degree views. The rooftop gives you a straight shot look at Times Square and the Empire State Building.

    Also, our live music is unparalleled. We bring in some really unique talent. In addition, we offer a type of personal attention that is friendly and genuine that you can’t find anywhere else. It is important whoever we hire is genuinely interested in helping. There is a saying, “kill them with kindness,” well I like to say, “We kill them with thoughtfulness.”

    Are their any insider tips or secrets you can tell us about your venue?
    When the Penthouse isn’t being rented out for events it is open to the public but you have to know the code to get it. It changes nightly.

    Rooftop New York - Toshi's Penthouse in NYC

    What are the main types of events held at the Penthouse?
    The Penthouse primarily books corporate happy hours, mixers, birthday parties and bachelorette parties. The Penthouse lends itself well to these types of events due to its exclusivity, privacy and rooftop.

    How has Eventup helped your business?
    Eventup is the best marketing professional for event venues. I get a ton of quality inquires that are real leads and the site is #1 for relevant New York search terms. They have eliminated the middleman, which allows me to respond to inquiries 24/7. I don’t have to wait to speak with people interested in booking, I can respond to them right away.

    What is your one piece of advice for other venue owners?
    “Don’t hire an event business development person, just list on Eventup.”

    We could not have said it better ourselves, thanks Toshi! And thanks for sharing your story with us. We love your venue and hope your story encourages others to list their property on Eventup. View other rooftop venues in NYC.

    Photos provided by Toshi's Penthouse

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