Walking Dead Theme Party

    What better way to celebrate Halloween then with your very own Walking Dead theme party? You can base the event around your favorite episode or just let the hit TV show inspire you for your next Halloween bash. There are so many fun things inspired by the show that you can work in your event space that is both kid and adult friendly. Here is a quick checklist and a few ideas for you to throw your very own Walking Dead theme party, Halloween style!

    Walking Dead Halloween Bash Check List 

    1.  Event Location

    First off, find the right location. Anything from a park to a warehouse would be perfect for a big Walking Dead party, especially if you want to have zombies roaming the event space. Check out Berwick Park in Pacific Grove, California. This location allows for plenty of space for all sorts of creepy decorations and zombie games!

     Photo Credit: Eventup

    2. Zombies

    We can't forget about the most important part of the whole event: Zombies! Fill your event space up with zombie dummies, crushed zombie brains (spaghetti works wonders!), zombie actors, and even a few zombie corpses lying around, all of which can be found at your local costume or Halloween superstore.

    3.  Weapons

    It's not a Walking Dead theme party without being prepped to survive a zombie apocalypse using the proper weapons! Set up some bow and arrow targets for the guests to practice their archery skills and have a contest to see who has the best aim.

    4. Gift bags

    For a great gift bag stuffer, try these Zombie Apocalypse Guide books, available on Amazon.

    5.Walking Dead Viewing  

    Finally, we can't have a Walking Dead theme party without a viewing of The Walking Dead. Get cozy in your home and offer treats and refreshments while decorating your home with all things zombies! You could also have a Walking Dead marathon to really get into true zombie apocalypse spirit. If you have the means and equipment, finish your zombie games with a screening outside. Check out this awesome outdoor setup below!

    6. Survival Foods  

    No event is complete without snacks and beverages, so don't forget to create little survival kits filled with water, snacks, and energy bars for your guests to keep energized throughout the night.

    What are some of your Walking Dead theme party ideas? Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter! For more ideas on how to throw a zombie party, visit our zombie theme party post.