Wedding Apps Every Bride Should Know About

    Could you imagine planning your wedding without modern technology? Contacting the florist and baker and bridesmaids by phone (or even in person), managing every last detail? Trying to keep it all organized with pen and paper, maybe even with just your memory? Well, thankfully the days of your mother’s wedding planning have passed, and you can make the most of technology to ease the stress of planning the perfect wedding. Here are some apps that the Eventup team thinks might make your wedding planning as blissful as your wedded life:

    The Tie The Knot App is a sort of blanket application, seeking to cover as many of your planning needs as possible. Choose the theme and colors for your wedding, share your love story with your guests through a customized wedding website, and handle every minutiae of the planning process straight from your mobile device. Of course, your guests would have to download the app to access your site and the love story therein, but thankfully the app is free!

    Of course, planning a wedding successfully means keeping close tabs on your finances, and that is where the Wedding Budget app comes into play. Simply enter your budget into the app and watch as it keeps tabs on your funds. Spending too much on your flowers and décor? The budget will reflect that and ensure that you stay on track. You can even make multiple budgets to accommodate those unexpected purchases. At an unbeatable price of zero dollars, the app can save your budget without becoming a part of it.

    The music at your wedding is a crucial part of the celebration, so why not make sure you play what you love? Fun Wedding is a playlist-creating application that brings the hottest tunes right to the palm of your hands. With a plethora of playlists made by a team of wedding DJs, this app provides a unique musical selection that will definitely get the party started. You can even create your own personal playlist or search for a great DJ! At a meager $0.99, this app is well worth the cost, and your wedding will be all the more memorable.

    Once the wedding venue has been booked, the blessed nuptials have happened and the party is winding down, only one word is on every couple’s minds: honeymoon. And with Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Mag, you will be able to browse the greatest new honeymooning trends at your convenience. With this free e-magazine, you can find expert advice on the most romantic destinations and affordable vacation packages, and start your married life with a trip you both won’t soon forget.

    So go forth, technology lovers, and plan your weddings with the ease of an app! Do you know of any more applications that have been your salvation as you planned your big day, leave us a comment on Facebook or Twitter and share your story!