Wedding Flicks To Watch Before Tying The Knot

    Its almost wedding time.. and whether you're stuck in the planning process or you just need to get in the wedding spirit, it's time to get inspired! What better way to get a little wedding inspiration than from a great romantic wedding movie? Your wedding could be tomorrow, next month, next year, or you might not even be engaged yet, but these are some wedding flicks that you should definitely watch before tying the knot.

    1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Wedding time can be stressful and chaotic, especially if you come from a large Greek family that wants to decide everything for you; including your choice of spouse! If you haven't seen this hysterical movie, definitely take the time to watch the way that true love can bring two different families and cultures together. You'll get a great laugh!

     2. Bride Wars. Although it's not your typical romantic wedding story, Bride Wars tells the story of two best friends that will do anything for the wedding of their dreams.. including going against each other for the same wedding venue! When you watch this, you'll probably be thankful that you don't have to deal with the issues that they faced, but you'll also be reminded of the importance of a best friend in the wedding process.

    3. My Best Friend's Wedding. Julia Roberts really wants what she can't have in this classic wedding flick. After watching, you can be thankful that your fiance's BFF doesn't want to marry him! You'll laugh at Julia Roberts' sabotage tactics, and you'll definitely sing along to "I Say A Little Prayer For You!"

     4. Father of the Bride. Family is a very important part of a wedding. Father of the Bride will remind you of your family and the idea of letting go once you get married. You'll be sure to appreciate your father and all that he does after watching this classic wedding film, especially if you're a daddy's girl. You might even be inspired to use a backyard as your wedding reception!

    5. The Wedding Planner. J-Lo plays a hard-working, ambitious wedding planner who has it all together as she plans the weddings of people's dreams. Until.. one problem: she falls in love with the groom of one of the weddings she's planning! If you need help in your planning process, find a wedding planner that's just as put together as she is in this awesome wedding movie. Just don't let them fall in love with your man, you might run into some problems!

    6. The Hangover. Tomorrow is wedding day.. but the guys decide to head to Vegas to party the night away. Us ladies always want to know what really happens at a bachelor party. Well, let's all just be happy that it's probably not as extreme as it is in The Hangover. Yes, you've probably already seen it, but you'll still laugh just as hard the second time around at the crazy things that these guys go through.

    7. Runaway Bride. Although it's all about a runaway bride who fears of marriage, this movie has a great romantic ending. Julia Roberts eventually finds the right man to marry.. he just happens to be writing a story about her failed attempts at marriage! The two eventually marry privately and the bride is finally able to live happily ever after. It only took a few weddings gone bad and cold feet to conquer her fear and marry her true love.

    If you have the pre-wedding jitters, you've got to check out one of these must-see wedding flicks! It's time to get inspired for your special day, and there is no better way to do it than by watching a movie with your beau. You'll realize that by the end of each of these movies, everything works out perfectly! Now its your turn. Do you have any memorable wedding stories, or do you have a favorite wedding flick? Let us know in a comment below, or on Facebook or Twitter!