Wedding Trend - Illuminate Your Wedding

    With wedding season right around the corner, we thought it would be helpful to start bringing you this year’s trends. We are starting to see more people incorporating lighting into their décor. Lighting is one of the best ways to transform any venue from ordinary to elegant. They can help to set the mood of your wedding or reception while creating the “wow” moment.   

    wedding trend illuminate your wedding

    Here are a few lighting ideas that will be seen this year:

    1) Bistro Lighting: These are best in outdoor venues lining the ceiling of the tent or stranded from tree to tree.

    2) Bold statement lettering: Couples include this in their décor with large block letters with light bulbs throughout the interior. Displaying the couple’s initials is an eye-catcher and great for pictures. 

    3) Chandeliers: Most couples do this in an unexpected way like hanging it above each table or above the area where they exchange vows.

    4) Edison-style Lighting: This adds an industrial, old-fashioned feel to your wedding. It also adds a clean, sophisticated touch because they are typically hung straight down from the ceiling.