Wedding Wednesday: A Nautical Wedding

    Summer weather can be unbearable sometimes, and finding ways to beat the heat while having an outdoor wedding can be a challenge. Catch a nice summer breeze by having a nautical wedding near the water! The following are a few basic guidelines for a nautical wedding. Check out our Pinterest board here for more inspiration.

    Navy Colors and Boating Decor

    The classic colors for a nautical wedding are navy blue and white, but don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to the mix, like yellow, red, or green. To add some texture, include a bold striped pattern. There’s also a plethora of boating symbols to help you achieve that maritime feel, such as anchors, signal flags, steering wheels, ropes and knots, and compasses. Choose a couple of them and run with it!

    A Waterfront Venue

    Being close to the water offers many creative entertainment options, like taking your wedding party on a daytime sail before the nuptials or having a fireworks show over the water afterwards. A boathouse is a classic, nautical location that has both indoor and outdoor spaces overlooking the water. You could always just have the wedding on a boat! If none of these strike your fancy, take it to the beach and have an elegant oceanfront wedding.

    Check out some of our amazing nautical venues: The Central Park Boathouse, The Portofino Hotel & Marina, Ray’s Boathouse, Smooth Sailing Celebrations, Skyline Cruises, Marina City Club

    Elegant Attire

    Many a nautical wedding leans towards an elegant, all-American, Navy-inspired theme, with the bride wearing a classic dress design along with a vintage hairstyle and jewelry, while the groom wears a navy blue suit with a matching tie or bow tie. However, some creative nautical wear can be added into the mix, like boat shoes for the groomsmen or a rope hair accessory for the bridesmaids. A splash of blue incorporated into the bride’s outfit is always a good complement to the white dress and takes care of your "something blue." Try colored shoes, a pretty belt, or a bright bouquet.

    A Sparkling Night

    Nothing looks prettier than twinkling lights reflected on the water. Consider having your wedding in the evening or at night to get the full effect. Beautiful nighttime lighting options include chandeliers, paper lanterns, candles, and strings of exposed bulbs.

    An Unforgettable Exit

    Top off your nautical wedding with the ultimate send-off and opt for a getaway boat! Or if you prefer to stay on land, an old vintage car is the way to go.

    Have you been to a nautical wedding? What were some of your favorite elements? Tell us in the comments below, or on Facebook or Twitter.