Wedding Wednesday: Don't Forget the Envelope

    It's official - envelopes are no longer just the delivery vehicles for pretty wedding stationary anymore. They are now regarded as another key element in the wedding suite, something that can be customized and beautified and get guests excited to see what's inside.


    The sky is the limit with calligraphy. Whether your are into more romantic type face or desire a more modern flair, let the calligraphy on your envelopes be an expression of your taste.


    Colors, patterns and even textures can be a great way to tie your entire invitation suite together. Get your guests excited to find out what's inside choosing something that represents your wedding theme!


    Envelopes are no longer confined to the typical rectangle shape. Don't be afraid to play around with shape, as long as you can get a stamp on it and the postman will take it where it needs to go!

    Return Labels

    Whether you hand-write your return labels, go with a stamp (depending on your number of guests, this may the route you take!) or even emboss, don't forget this important element as it lets your guests know who's sending them the beautiful mail.

    Don't Forget the Inside!

    The inside of the envelope is no longer an after-thought. Go with a fun design here or even a photo to add a pop and get your guests excited to see what's inside!

    Do any of these ideas inspire you? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook!