Wedding Wednesday: Fall Wedding Trends

    Fall is not only a beautiful time to host a wedding thanks to cooler weather and gorgeous colors, but it's also a good time to review wedding trends for next year! Check out these fall wedding trends that will ensure your wedding is on the cutting edge of style.

    Black Tie
    It's time to put on the glitz. Though things have been trending towards DIY, the pendulum seems to be swinging back to a black tie affair, with couples opting for a more sophisticated wedding. Crystals, gold silverware, and full length gowns are just some of the examples of how people are going bigger and classier.

    Dessert Bars
    Dessert bars have been trending for a while, and they are here to stay, which is perfect for all your favorite fall desserts! Organize by color or flavors, like mini pumpkin pies or pumpkin cupcakes, brownies, merengues, or mini tiramisus. This is also a great option for a tighter budget.

    Blush Hues
    Neutral tones are playing a huge part at the bridal party this year, especially blush. Blush tones are a little bit flirty and feminine in a subtle way that can work for many brides. Incorporate blush into your décor for a light and dreamy vibe that works perfectly in an indoor or outdoor event space.

    Dramatic Backs
    Sure, shorter skirts and deeper ivory colors were trending hot in the spring, but it looks like dramatic backs are all the rage this fall. Find a dress with a dramatic back like the ones shown above to really wow your guests as you walk down the aisle.

    Local and Organic Food
    Staying in line with the sophisticated wedding, couples are opting for local, organic food options, offering the utmost quality food and beverages for their guests. Check what local caterers are near your event venue to see what kind of menu options you have for fresh, local fare.

    What are some of your favorite fall wedding trends this year? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook!