Wedding Wednesday: Moonrise Kingdom Wedding

    It's Wedding Wednesday, which means we've got another Pinterest board to give you some inspiration for your big day, thanks to the imagination of Wes Anderson. Moonrise Kingdom is a whimsical film encapsulating a rustic adventure and love story between two, young kindred spirits. What better way to decorate your wedding than with this fantastical yet sweet wedding theme? Check out some of our ideas for a Moonrise Kingdom wedding below or visit our Pinterest board!

    Keep It Green

    The majority of Moonrise Kingdom is spent camping outside on a lush New England island, so incorporating that greenery is a must. Include plant accents within your tablescapes, centerpieces, name cards, and chair decorations, and for the ceremony, use a vine-covered archway. Feel free to incorporate a lot of flowers as well to help achieve that natural aura of the great outdoors.

    Quirky Details

    Add a touch of Wes Anderson’s style by including some whimsical decorations or favors from your childhood. Try miniature animals or boy scout camping gear for decorating accents, and saturate your dessert table with childhood favorites, like candied apples, lollipops, and s’mores. For wedding favors, provide something unique to take home, such as this wedding’s take-away succulents in varying animal pots.

    Bright Colors

    Don’t skimp on the colors! Filled with bright colors, funky patterns, and vintage style, Moonrise Kingdom has a plethora of options for a fun wedding color scheme. Make sure that the flowers and little accents stand out. For the groom, wardrobe suggestions include a unique bow tie and unconventional shoes to match the boutonniere. Must-haves for the bride include a flower crown and brightly-colored shoes.

    Stay Outdoors

    Mirroring the adventures of Sam and Suzy, have the wedding outside and use nature as a backdrop for the nuptials. In a forest or by the New England coast are ideal settings for a Moonrise Kingdom wedding.

    What are some of your ideas for a Moonrise Kingdom wedding? Share with us in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter! For more ideas, check out our Pinterest board!