Weirdest Wedding Cakes – From Real Weddings!

    So your big day has finally arrived. The sun is shining, your bridal party is bright eyed and beautiful, and your dress fits like a dream. Guests are arriving, and the caterers just walked in with the cake: a seven-tier dream in white with delicate piping, colorful sugar roses, and a precious plastic replica of you and your future husband on top…

    Or is it? These days, couples are getting more creative with their weddings, tailoring the celebration to more directly reflect their tastes and interests. It’s a great, exciting idea – your wedding is more than just an expression of love, it’s an expression of your love, so why not show it off in your own, unique way? Take a hint from these real life couples:

     These crazy kids met on the Internet (presumably over J-Date), and on the day of their wedding they opted to return to the delicious, buttercream scene of the crime. The even went the extra mile and got their profile pictures put on the little cake screen (a fun little detail you can try, too – provided your baker works with edible ink). The coffee cups and sweet, heart-shaped cable adds a touch of fun to the overall display, making for a precious cake full of personality!

    This young bride opted for a six-tier replica of herself on her big day, which is… well, they do say the wedding is all about the bride. Ok, I’ll admit this might be on the stranger side of the spectrum. But a happy bride makes for a memorable wedding day - and what bride wouldn’t be happy cutting into herself in front of all her family and friends?

    At first glance, I thought this wedding cake was a spin on the tradition of “Kin no Unko” (the Japanese term for “the golden poo,” which is a symbol of good luck). However, thanks to the other photos I was relieved to find that the couple’s nuptial noms were merely a model of Jabba the Hut. This is the sort of cake that any Star Wars fan would kill – I mean, freeze a man in carbonite – to have on their special day.

    And here we have an exercise is the art of compromise. Clearly, our bride was hoping for a sweet, traditional cake, but her man wasn't about to let his wedding get too frilly and feminine. By dressing up a simple three-tier with delicate flowers and a outrageous off-roader, this baker created a memorable dessert that cleverly represents both halves of the couple.

    Of course, a unique wedding cake doesn't have to be as bold or outlandish as the photos I've been showing you. With the right vision – and the right baker, you can easily toe the line between whimsical and weird. Celebrities have been taking wedding cakes to the next level in recent years, keeping it classy while expressing their individuality:

    Hilary Duff’s wedding to Mike Comrie was an intimate event with a home-grown vibe, and baker Fantasy Frostings wanted to reflect that DIY spirit in her cake. By forgoing the overall icing, the cake has a simple, down-to-earth charm that so perfectly matches the couple.

    Mariska Hargitay may play a straight-laced detective on Law and Order, but when it came to her wedding she wanted to go big – and bright! Very Different Cakes created this seven-foot tower in, complete with butterflies and a Swarovski Crystal cake topper.

    When the groom is Donald Trump, you can only expect that the cake will be opulent. His 2005 wedding to Melania featured this white and gold, rose-adorned cake – which couldn’t be more perfect for a high-profile couple.

    So, when deciding on your wedding cake, don’t be afraid to get creative – or even downright weird!