Who to Include on the Guest List

    After getting engaged and setting a wedding date, the next big question revolves around your guest list. This factor determines the size of your wedding, the cost, the venue, and much more. Creating a guest list can become a sensitive and time consuming task. For example, it can be difficult to decide whether to invite your best friend from highschool that you haven't talked to in years or your 3rd cousin twice removed . Where do you draw the line? Here are a few questions to consider when condensing your guest list:

    Are you related to this person? 

    Have you talked talked to this person in the last year?

    Have you ever spent time together outside of work?

    Has your fiance ever met this person?

    Would/Did this person invite you to their wedding?

    Can you imagine your wedding day without them? 

    Are they involved in family turmoil? 

    Would they make the wedding more fun? 

    Have you specifically talked to them about your wedding?