Winter Event Planning Tips

    With the temperature dropping fast and winter coats becoming increasingly necessary, it's definitely time to make a few key changes in your event planning checklist. So many things go into planning an event, but weather and seasonally sensitive items need special attention as the months change. Here are a few key elements to pay attention to and adjust as winter approaches.

    The Weather

    Of course, one of the biggest game changers during this time of the year is the weather. Although it may seem like a big let down to have to bring your events indoors, these colder months can also work in favor of creating some of the most beautiful events. Take, for example, this beautiful rooftop space in New York. Make sure to have plenty of heat lamps available for your guests as well as making plans for a few tents to keep your guests warm. This way, not only will your guests have the beautiful views of New York City, they will also be kept warm.

    Color Schemes

    Now that summer is over, make sure to note that change in color palates. No colors are off limits but remember to enjoy those deeper shades that are usually neglected in the summer. Play with deeper reds and thicker textures throughout your event, whether it be in your tablecloths or napkins, or furniture and centerpieces.

    Dress Codes

    As it gets colder, it's imperative that people dress appropriately for the occasion. Be sure to note on invitations or alert guests about special conditions. Whether it be a rooftop event, a muddy path or two, the possibility of rain or anything dealing with the shifting elements, make sure it is well known so guests come prepared. Provide friendly reminders or even keep a few umbrellas or mud booties handy for your guests in order to ensure a smooth and beautiful event.

    What are some of your winter event planning tips and tricks? Tell us in the comments below or visit us on Facebook or Twitter!