Working with a Charity or a Non-profit for an Event

    More and more companies are pairing up with their favorite charities to put on events to either raise funds or awareness. This is a must for for both the charities and companies because not only does it support amazing causes, but it is great publicity for both organizations. There are a few things to remember when working with charities for your upcoming event:

    Carefully Choose a Charity:
    If you are looking to work with a charity for your next event, it is important to try to find a charity that either relates to your company or is a popular charity among your followers. Whether you are taking a poll or doing research on your demographics, it will be worth it put in that extra step, especially when the donations come rolling in. For example, if your company is animal-related, it would be beneficial to choose a charity that helps animals, since most people invested in your company are bound to be animal lovers as well.

    Be in Constant Communication with Each Other:
    When working with a charity, it is important to be in constant communication with their event coordinator. Many charities have a slim budget since they are non-profit and making decisions together is a key ingredient for a smooth event. From booking the event location to sending out invitations, the entire process is a joint effort unless otherwise noted. It goes without saying that if the charity enjoyed working with your company, they are more likely to want to collaborate again in the future.

    Be Informed and Raise Awareness
    Make sure your team knows a great deal about the charity and event. The last thing you would want is for your company to misinform guests about the details of the event or where donations are specifically going. For example, if your event is an auction and half of the planning committee informs attendees that 20 percent goes to the charity, while the other half informs attendees that 30 percent goes to charity, people will think that the companies behind the auction are disorganized, and may even think the companies are being dishonest. Thus, it is recommended that both the charity and the company hash out the minor details, such as event venue, entertainment, and more and  have a meeting to inform anyone else involved.

    Work Together to Follow Up:

    Following up with both the charity and the guests is a good idea. Since people are donating their time and money, sending a thank you card on behalf of both companies is highly recommended. It will make donors feel appreciated and willing to donate again. Following up with the non-profit will also create close ties between both organizations. You should consider having a celebratory dinner between both companies to strengthen ties and discuss the positives and negatives of the event. This will be a fun occasion and will help improve your future charity-related endeavors!

    Has your company worked with a charity or non-profit for an event? Do you have any tips or suggestions? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.