You're Throwing a Bachelorette Party?

    So your best friend is engaged and now you’re throwing a bachelorette party. But besides what you see in movies and on TV, do you really know what to do? Have no fear; we’ve got great tips and tricks to help you plan throughout the entire process. The planning can be a bit hectic, but the party will be the pay off!

    The Planning Timeline

    Bachelorette parties are usually held around a week or two before the wedding. About three months before the wedding you should discuss with the bride what type of bachelorette party she wants. Does she want it to be relaxing and sophisticated or naughty and X-rated? The details of the party should remain a secret, so don’t reveal too many details. About two months before the wedding you should set the date of the party. Setting the date of the party should also include booking the venue. Will you be holding it at a trendy nightclub or maybe just renting out an amazing house? You should also create a guest list and send out save the dates around this time.

    About a month before the bachelorette party, invitations should be sent out. Once a guest list has been confirmed, travel arrangements should be secured. Do you need to book a flight and make hotel arrangements, or maybe rent out a limo bus? Do you need restaurant reservations or any other bookings? Now is the time to get things booked and secured. After all of the reservations and arrangements have been confirmed, you should compose an itinerary for the party. Remember to give yourself extra time for any hiccups that might occur.

    A few weeks before the party you should start buying supplies and decorations. Remember to keep the theme you and the bride discussed in mind. Make a list of all the bachelorette party games you will be playing, along with the rules and any props you may need. Many bachelorette parties also have fun scavenger hunts and missions for the bride to accomplish; all of these details need to be taken care of at this time. These games and hunts are also great opportunities to take pictures of the bride-to-be on her last night out on the town as a single woman.

    A few days before the party you should re-confirm all of the reservations and arrangements. You can give the bride a few more hints as to what you have in store for her, and you should send out e-mails reminding guests of all the plans. Since you are hosting the event, it would be wise to come prepared with things guests might need, such as a first-aid kit and a fully charged camera. After this has been done you can finally relax and have fun, you deserve it!

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