10 Baby Shower Trends for 2019

    If you’ve ever planned or had someone throw you a soiree to celebrate having a bun in the oven, then you know baby showers can be a big deal.

    With the potential to spend thousands of dollars sharing this special celebration with family and friends, it’s important to pick the details that your guests will remember fondly — and not get caught up in going overboard. 

    Whether the new baby is coming home from the hospital or an adoption agency, these ideas for shower trends are worth considering.

    1. Save the Gift Opening for Later
    When Duchess of Sussex Megan Markle had her baby shower, she left the unwrapping of presents to do on her own after party. This trend in gifts may not be as delightful for guests, who often look forward to “oohing” and “aahing” at the tiny treasures inside those bags and boxes. It is, however, a valid way to ensure that spouses and partners who weren’t invited to the event can share in the unwrapping experience. 

    Unboxing at home can cut down on a lengthy shower event and also avoid unwanted awkwardness when similar items are given, or something received is simply inappropriate. To smooth over hurt feelings from those who want to see you unwrap, make sure your thank you cards are sent out personally and promptly.

    2. Consider a Co-ed Guest List
    One other way to avoid a partner missing out on the gifting and celebrating? Simply invite them! Couples’ baby showers are becoming more and more acceptable, and mixed company can liven up the event and make it less of an event planned around party games and more one that’s focused on food, conversation, and celebration. 

    It makes sense — a new baby is often a shared experience between both parents. A baby shower guest list with everyone on it also ensures that you’re not leaving out any family or friends who want to share in your joyous occasion. 

    3. Opt For a Diaper Shower
    If you really want to avoid the complexity of various baby registries and that awkwardness of receiving a “bad” or repeat gift, ask for diapers. Diaper showers are simple in nature. Just tell your guests that you’ll only need diapers and wipes, and let them decide what’s appropriate. 

    It’s also a great option for men or people who feel uncomfortable picking out a baby gift for whatever reason. This is an inclusive gifting trend that lets everyone, regardless of budget, contribute. Trust us: there is no parent on the planet who ever received too many diapers. 

    4. Look Into Charity Partnerships
    Baby showers can be a bit of indulgence, and that’s perfectly OK. For some, however, it’s also a time to call attention to those causes that are important to them. While your party doesn’t have to completely revolve around a non-profit or charity, having a special call-out or giving opportunity is a nice gesture and a way to share the heart of a cause that’s important to you. Plus, many parents who have had multiple children may already have most of the typical baby shower gift items.

    Consider asking guests to each bring a package of wipes to donate to a local shelter, or you give your leftover balloons and flowers to a senior living center or hospital. There are always less fortunate ones who can benefit from your get-together.

    5. Host a Sip & See
    Do you want to combine the barrage of guests that will certainly come after the baby is born with those wanting to attend the shower? If your guest list for each is almost identical, consider hosting a “sip and see.” This is a new twist on baby shower-type parties that combines the gifting and celebration of a new baby with that house visit most certainly to come in a few weeks, anyway. 

    Sip and see’s are ideal for those who feel rushed on time and don’t want to prepare a lavish event before the baby comes but also needs some control over the revolving door of requests to see the new infant. Set up a party date and time that works for the parents, giving people the chance to peek at the little one while sharing their congrats. 

    Some people choose to do this after the baby is at least one month old to allow the parents to settle in and for the baby to build up its immune system. You can also enforce a strict “no touching” policy for the baby if you wish. 

    6. Throw a "Baby Sprinkle" Instead
    Some people have strong opinions on whether only first-time moms should get a baby shower. Considering that experienced parents adore the love and support that a thoughtful shower can bring, the rise in baby “sprinkles” is not surprising. 

    The sprinkle is a scaled-back shower, with the assumption that an experienced mom doesn’t need everything a new mom does. Skip the bassinet and bring on the diapers! Dispense with the amateur parenting advice and share in the comradery that comes with having your second (or third, fourth, or fifth.) Baby sprinkles are a more modest way of showing your excitement for a new life without some of the unneeded novelty associated with the baby shower tradition. 

    What about style?
    While these are some of the more general themes that baby showers are moving to in the new year, there are some very innovative style choices being made as well. Check out this list of four additional trends parents are loving:

    • 7. Balloons, balloons, balloons – From large archway bundles to personalized letter balloons to shiny metallic finishes and clear balloons with confetti inside, we think balloons will help make your party pop this season!

    • 8. Minimalism and white space – On the other end of the spectrum is the beauty of clean. Many venues are perfect for embracing the simplest décor plans, with just a touch of color to highlight open space and natural lighting. 

    • 9. Fandom – Are you a Harry Potter fan? Can you imagine noshing on tiny Doctor Who cupcakes or indulging in Game of Thrones-inspired custom drinks? Pop culture is blowing up in a big way these days, and many fans of geek culture, comics, and Sci-Fi and letting their love for these things inspire their baby shower menus and décor.

    • 10. Libraries – If you care more about what baby’s first book will be than what their first pair of designer shoes will look like, you may be the perfect guest of honor for a lit-themed baby shower. In addition to creating a menu around literary classics, used book pages make the best décor supplies. You can also have each guest bring the gift of their favorite title instead of a card.

    Whatever motif you go with for your big event, just remember that it’s all about the celebration of a new little life. The love and support a baby shower celebrates are to be cherished for a lifetime.