10 Creative Ways to do Your Table Numbers

    No part of your wedding should be boring, not even your table numbers. Let these 10 creative ideas for your numbers inspire your own decor! And check out how to DIY!

    1. Frame it

    Dress up your table numbers in a frame. This idea is super easy to do and looks classy with minimal effort on your part.

    Photo by Style Me Pretty

    2. Make it subtle

    This table number is created on a piece of glass with the number and floral design are painted on top. If you are artsy enough to pull this off, this is the table number idea for you!

    Photo by Ruffled Blog

    3. Get lit

    This is another simple idea that still looks great. Tie your numbers to a candle or a lantern; the light feature also adds another element to your table decor.

    Photo by Wedding Wire

    4. Rock it

    This design is just painting a number on a rock. Guarantee you can do this one even if you can’t pass first grade art.


    Photo by My Wedding

    5. Polaroid Style

    It is your wedding so it should be all about you, even the table numbers. Paint the numbers on cute polaroid pictures of you and your betrothed.

    Photo by Style Me Pretty

    6. Flags

    This image is a burlap flag with a number drawn on it. It looks much better stuck in your floral arrangements and is minimalistic, yet pretty.

    Photo by Dreamy Wedding Ideas

    7. Bottle Service

    Paint on table numbers to clear bottles on your table or even wine bottles.

    Photo by Dreamy Wedding Ideas

    8. Cursive

    Cursive always makes things looks fancier, and table numbers are no exception. 

    Photo by Mountainside Bride

    9. Rewind

    Instead of assigning table numbers, use years instead. You can put pictures on each table of you and your new bride/groom from the year listed.

    Photo by Indulgy

    10. Hedge Numbers

    Unless you’re really into gardening, this one might be difficult to pull off by yourself. However, this idea adds to the floral designs of your table and adds dramatic glamour.

    Photo by Style Me Pretty

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