10 Unique Things to Do Before Prom

    The day of prom can be quite a stressful one, but hopefully it will also be one of the best memories of your four years in high school. Why not make it that much more meaningful and stress free with some pre-prom activities? Here are a few suggestions for some fun, unique outings before heading to the prom venue.

    1. Go to the Beach

    It's hard to deny that planning your prom night, including the dress, suit, and dinner requires a lot of work. That is why planning a mini beach trip on prom day may be the perfect way to just relax and decompress before all the excitement and festivities.

    2. Picnic Dinner at a Park

    A lot of people opt for the fancy restaurant dinner before prom. A unique spin on that would be to have a picnic dinner at the park. This is perfect as a romantic date or for a large group.

    3. Take Photobooth Pictures

    Photobooth pictures are definitely making a comeback and even though your event venue probably has professional photos, there is nothing more fun than the retro vibe of black and white photo strips. Check out this amazing resource Photobooth.net to find a photobooth near you!

    4. Plan a Getting Ready Party

    Getting ready with friends is almost as fun as the actual prom. Host a small getting ready party at your house before heading out to the event location. That way you can borrow each others accessories, curlers, makeup, and more!

    5. Go to a Spa

    Having a morning spa session with your friends will be the perfect, most refreshing start to your prom. It will also give your skin a perfect prom glow!

    6. Host a Brunch

    Sometimes on prom days, everyone is too busy and stressed to stop and have a full meal. A prom day brunch would be a perfect way to have a small get together while at the same time getting some sustenance.

    7. Get a Massage

    You will most definitely want all your muscles relaxed and ready to dance the night away. A massage is the perfect pre-prom activity to share with your friends. Or if you want some alone time before the action packed night of socializing, get one by yourself.

    8. Volunteer

    We all know that prom is an extravagant affair and sometimes we get caught up in our own little dramas. Consider taking some time to get a little perspective and volunteer at an elderly home or homeless shelter for an hour or two the morning of prom.

    9. Take a Ballroom or Salsa Dancing Class

    Even though you may not be using ballroom dance moves at a high school dance, it will get you in the right mindset. You also never know when a salsa song will play during the night!

    10. Take a City Tour in your Prom Outfits

    Prom dresses and suits are not cheap and most likely, will only get worn once. Might as well take advantage of your done up hair, makeup, and gorgeous ensemble and hit the town! You can take pictures at every landmark and have countless photos and memories to look back on.

    Do you have any unique plans for before prom? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.