9 Tips for Throwing a Wedding Anniversary Party

    Whether you’re celebrating your “paper” anniversary (1st year) – or your “golden” one (the 50th), throwing a wedding anniversary party is a great reason to bring people together. 

    Aside from picking the right people to share in your commemorative event, some finer planning details can help elevate the experience and make it one people will remember for all the right reasons. 

    Read on to see what pro tips we recommend for everything from the photographer to the cake for your wedding anniversary bash.

    1. Decide on hosting duties
    Times have changed, and with many couples choosing to postpone children until their later years – or going with a childless lifestyle – it's no longer alright to assume that the kids will be the ones planning the anniversary party. 

    These days, we say it's perfectly OK to plan your own anniversary party. You can frame it as an opportunity to give thanks to those in your lives who have supported your marriage. If you do need help and know someone is willing, enlist the assistance of a friend or sibling who likes to party plan. (Just don't overwhelm them with a chore list of things to do.)

    2. Consider a destination event
    If you’ve hit a marriage milestone — say, 10 or 25 years — you can consider the idea of going big for the anniversary bash, particularly if your big day was on the smaller side. 

    Whether you pick a tropical spot on the beach or a regal resort with historical significance, keep in mind that your list of attendees may be on the smaller side… and that’s OK! It’s also worth noting that planning for a place you’ve never visited can be tricky. Luckily, we’ve rounded up some helpful tips for finding a venue in another city

    3. Narrow down your theme
    The phrase “what’s old is new again” certainly applies to the wedding industry, and the classic anniversary themes (like we mentioned above) are officially back in vogue. 

    Of course, these are just broad guidelines and are in no way a requirement for how your motif or décor should appear, but it’s a fun and well-known theme you can play off of if you choose. Some fun anniversary themes include:

    - Afternoon Tea
    - Booze Cruise
    - Botanical Gardens
    - Black-Tie Gala
    - Decade theme (‘80s, ‘90s, etc.)

    As you can see, the sky’s the limit on picking theme! Your chosen venue can help bring your motif to life. 

    4. Give some thought to invites
    Expectations and rules abound for wedding invites — but the same isn’t true for anniversary parties. Instead of worrying about the proper way to create your invite, take time to craft a design that fits your theme and your relationship. Just don’t forget to include the necessary details, such as:

    - Names
    - Day, date, and time of the event
    - Location of the event (include the business name, if relevant)
    - How many years you’ve been together
    - RSVP information
    - Theme information, if applicable

    Don't forget to let people know if you don't want to receive gifts. While it's not considered good form to ask for them specifically, not mentioning them at all will likely cause some people to bring them. If you don’t want gifts, let them know that "the couple requests no gifts" or direct well-meaning friends to a charity of your choice in lieu of them.

    5. Schedule entertainment
    Anniversaries are a time to celebrate! Pick a DJ or band that reflects your tastes, but that can be appreciated by the majority of your guests. Include a personalized playlist of those songs that mean the most to you and have the entertainer use that as a guideline to play off of. 

    This is your event, and with digital technology making every song available, there's no reason you can't include all of your favorite jams. 

    6. Pick a personal photographer
    Unlike weddings that can bring together families who maybe didn’t know each other well, an anniversary event often feels more intimate. Thus, the special relationships being celebrated may be best captured by someone who knows both the happy couple and their loved ones. 

    While a professional photographer is recommended, choosing one that you know personally will likely make them more comfortable interacting with guests and capturing more of those candid moments that come from being part of the guest list and not just a third-party vendor. 

    7. Embrace new cake ideas
    It's OK if you're a traditional type and look forward to that two-tiered classic with a marble interior. If you're feeling bold, however, you can go with cupcakes, donuts, cake pops, or anything you desire. 

    While you’re at it, ensure the entire menu reflects your personal passions. If you’re a taco bar kind of couple, don’t hesitate to embrace that theme. Your venue should have a handle on how to fulfill your most nuanced requests!

    8. Don’t forget the slideshow
    Especially for those who are sentimental at heart, slideshows or photo presentations are a touching addition to your party, and it can be a fun way to look back on your wedding day and all the people who helped make it so wonderful.

    Ask a friend or family member who is handy with tech to put together a 5- or 10-minute display of photos, videos, and other visual memories that can be set to music and shared with the crowd. Be available to provide additional photos or non-digital documents to the person putting it together, and consider sharing everything in an online cloud folder so that guests can include their own photos ahead of time.

    9. Toast to the future
    Unlike your wedding, you don’t need to allow for friends and relatives to give their hot take on your partnership. Settle on a short and sweet speech from each member of the happy partnership to talk about their relationship journey and thank the attendees.

    The most important rule for an anniversary celebration is that it represents your union. It’s your celebration, and — just like with your wedding — it matters that your plans reflect your values and the life you share together.