Best Cities for a Bachelor Party

    If you're not still in shock over the fact that your buddy has decided to put his single days behind him, then it's best that you do everything you can to plan the ultimate bachelor party. You owe it to the guy to celebrate the amazing times you two had together throughout his single days and to go out with a bang. Of course it all starts with the location. You want the best for your right hand man (or should I say wingman), so consider the following options for maximum fun before he takes that long walk down the aisle.

    New Orleans, Louisiana

    The Big Easy has everything you need for a bachelor party and requires hardly any planning. Book a room at one of the many hotels in the French Quarter, walk out onto Bourbon Street, and enjoy. Don't even bother dressing up; you'll be fully decorated by the wild crowds within a few minutes. Just immerse yourselves in the celebration and join one of the street parades. Mardi Gras has more than enough liquor to go around, great cajun cuisine for when you and the guys get hungry, and ladies everywhere who just want some beads.

    Los Angeles, California

    Los Angeles is the one city you can depend on year-round to have great weather and plenty of activities. You and the guys can spend the morning golfing at one of the many top golf courses or surfing in Manhattan Beach. Then spend the afternoon and early evening at the ballpark before you go out for the night. Not a fan of Dodger dogs? Stop by Mastro's for a nice steak dinner with a side of lobster mashed potatoes. Afterwards, enjoy all that Los Angeles has to offer. Between the many hot spots such as Drai's Hollywood and Tower Bar at the Sunset Tower Hotel, you are sure to have an amazing time brushing shoulders with some members of LA's A-list.

    New York City, New York

    The city that never sleeps is perfect for an around the clock celebration. New York has plenty of venues that are open late to keep you and your buddies well entertained throughout the night. If the groom is the type of man who would enjoy a VIP experience, even better. Make a bottle service reservation at the Manhattan Club.  You and your buddies will have to lay down some serious cash and definitely dress the part, but why not go big to celebrate your best friend's glorious single life? It'll definitely be worth it!

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Trying to re-live The Hangover? This is your destination! Sin City will be the ultimate experience for you and your buddies. Between the endless amounts of alcohol, gambling around every corner and of course, the bachelor party must have... well, various forms of entertainment, you are sure to have a celebration the groom will never forget (that is if he can remember it the next morning).  After your first night on the town, stop by the Arroyo Golf Club for a round of golf. If no one can make an early tee time, spend the day nursing that hangover by the pool at Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel. Then get ready for another night of boozing, gambling and girls because Vegas has it all, every night of the week.

    Austin, Texas

    Want an out of overseas experience but can't afford it? No problem. Texas is basically a different country than the rest of the United States. And Austin is by far the top spot in the Lone Star State for your bachelor party. The city has plenty of great live bands, honky tonk bars, and the best BBQ you'll ever have! If you're planning on stopping by one of the music festivals, book early because they sell out fast. While you're there, stop by The Salt Lick Bar-B-Que for some authentic southern comfort. And in case you're on a budget, the prices in Austin are relatively cheap all around, so no need to feel like you're not getting the full experience.

    Chicago, Illinois

    Stuck in the midwest? Head to the Windy City! If you like music, plan your trip around Lollapalooza or if you and the guys are more into sports cheer on the Cubs at a day game. Afterwards, stop by Triad Sushi for some fine Japanese cuisine. Then, you and your buddies can end the night with a bar crawl along Chicago's Meat market for some serious fun. And since Chicago is known for it's deep dish pizza, you won't have any trouble nursing that hangover the next morning.

    If you can't get all of your buddies to commit to a weekend excursion, no worries. Stick to your budget by making a reservation at on of the swanky hotels that you and the guys would typically never stay at. By enjoying the nice bar and staying over night, it'll feel like a get-away for you and your buddies without being a wallet attack. Let us know of your top cities for a bachelor party by leaving a comment below, on Facebook, or Twitter.