Cheers to the holidays! 6 Really Yummy Cocktails to Enjoy this Holiday Season

    It’s no secret that the holiday season is everyone’s favorite time of year to enjoy a few fancy cocktails. I’ve scoured the internet, and my mind, to bring you 6 winning holiday cocktails that have been tested and approved by yours truly. So, whether you’re hosting a large gathering or you’re planning a few cozy nights in with your friends and family - we’ve got the holiday-inspired cocktail for you.


    6 Winning Holiday Cocktails

    1. Grapefruit Cardamom Gin Fizz

    Grapefruit Cardamom Gin Fizz


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    This delightful gin fizz has all the warmth and spice of the holidays with a hint of brightness. The recipe may look difficult at first glance with the addition of homemade rosemary-infused simple syrup, but I promise it is simple. Yet it is sure to impress even your most hard to please guests. RECIPE


    2. Christmosas



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    This punch screams Christmas, from its name to its ingredients. The best part is that since it’s technically a spin on the classic brunch mimosa, you can drink this at any time of day. Pair with gift wrapping at night to gift opening on Christmas morning. RECIPE


    3. Fresh Cranberry Margarita

    Fresh Cranberry Margarita

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    Nothing screams holidays more than cranberries, and this equally beautiful and delicious cocktail calls for fresh berries only. Please don’t make the mistake of trying to substitute frozen cranberries, I promise you it will not taste the same. This drink can easily be pre-batched in large quantities for 10 to 100 or more people. It takes a bit of labor but I promise after that first sip you’ll realize it was a total labor of love. Recipe


    4. Mistletoe Manhattan

    Mistletoe Manhattan

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    There’s no spirit I love more than Bourbon whiskey, and Bourbon around the holidays tastes even better. I recently made this extremely easy festive spin on the classic Manhattan cocktail for a girls’ night in. Even my most hard-to-please girlfriends enjoyed more than one of these. So, don’t be afraid to make a whiskey cocktail, especially one with so much jolly spirit. RECIPE


    5. Mulled Cider


    Mulled Cider

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    Let’s be honest, what is the holiday season without a little warmth, in your cocktail that is. This traditional mulled cider is the recipe I’ve gone back to time after time. Made in your slow-cooker this cocktail is super easy to throw together, it’s the waiting 3 hours that’s difficult. RECIPE


    6. Peppermint Martini


    Peppermint Martini
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    This one is for all of you dessert lovers out there. There are a ton of different recipes out there for a peppermint martini, but I have found that this one is the easiest to make and the most delicious to drink. I like to garnish mine with a crushed candy cane rim and a sprig of rosemary for color and fragrance. If you’re lactose intolerant, you can substitute regular Bailey’s for their almond milk product. I promise it tastes just as creamy as the original. RECIPE


    I hope you get to try one or more of these festive libations this holiday season, and I hope they bring you as much delicious joy as they brought me.            


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    Author: Kate Kennedy