Choosing Your Next Event Venue Virtually

    Part of doing your due diligence in the event planning process is to make sure you vet the venue before you book. While it is nice to be able to see the site in person, it’s not always a possibility for a number of reasons - distance, scheduling, global pandemic...the list goes on. 

    So how can you make sure a venue’s space will work for your event by only relying on online research? I’ve put together a list of things to help guide you.

    >     Explore the Venue Website

    .     See if there is a “virtual” tour option on the website - lots of venues now offer the ability to explore their venue without actually having to be there.

    .     Look for photos of meeting spaces - most venues will have a gallery of photos you can browse, or include photos of rooms in the “meeting” tab of their websites

    >     Use Google

    .     After exploring the venue website and getting an idea of the spaces or private room you are interested in, go to google and type in the venue name + the name of the private room - then use the images tab to see if anyone has posted photos of that room. It could provide photos you weren’t able to find, or give you a better view of the entire space.

    >     Contact the Venue Sales Manager

    .     Ask if they are able to give you a facetime or video tour of the space, especially if they don’t offer any virtual tour options online

    .     Ask if they have or can take photos of the room and send them to you - if you are unable to find any photos of the space online

    .     Ask to see diagrams and layout of the meeting space - this will help you get a better idea of how to can layout your event in the space

    .     If you have specific questions about the space, or your event requires a specific set up - pick up the phone and talk it through with the venue - they know their space the best and they can let you know if they can make it work

    We are having to rely more and more on virtual resources - so why should researching your venue be any different? While you may not be able to see the space in person, if you know what you are looking for, communicate your needs clearly, and get creative, you’ll be booking your venue with as much confidence as you would if you had seen it in person.

    Author: Rachel Mazzola

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