Cocktail Ideas for Dinner Parties

    Every host of a fabulous party knows that what matters the most is the drinks!  With hundreds of mixed drinks and flavored alcoholic beverages out there, it can be difficult and stressful to decide which drinks are the perfect addition to the perfect party.  Of course, the classics are always a safe bet, but it’s fun to mix it up with other more unique, fun drinks.


    First of all, what party would be complete without the classic Martini?  It’s a great choice because the recipe can easily be adapted to any individual taste, whether it be a Dry Martini, Perfect, or even a Gibson.  The Food Network has a great list of Martini recipes that you can prepare for your next party.  The best part, this timeless beverage goes great with any meal!


    Because of the similarities, the Gimlet has long been thought of as a variation of the Martini.  The unique sweetness lime juice is traditionally used in a Gimlet over fresh squeezed juice, which is usually preferred in most drinks.  Check out this Gimlet recipe to get you started.  Making a fresh, homemade lime cordial can make a fresher, superior Gimlet.  To add a little zest to the beverage, wipe the rim with a lime wedge, gently squeeze and place in the cocktail.


    Another classic cocktail, the Manhattan, was the first cocktail that used vermouth as a modifier.  Somewhat like the Martini, there are slight variations of the Manhattan that allow you to accommodate your guests’ preference.  Although many believe the Manhattan is made from Canadian whiskey, after a few cocktails, most are convinced that rye whiskey actually makes the best Manhattan.  After all, it was the original whiskey used for the drink.


    Blue is the new green when it comes to Envy! With orange and pineapple flavors, it’s the perfect beverage for summer occasions!  Serve the Envy in a deep cocktail glass to get the full visual experience.  This stunning blue cocktail made with silver tequila and blue curaçao is perfect for a beach or pool party.

    Although the options are endless when it comes to cocktails for your party, these ideas are a good start.  The has tons of great suggestions when it comes to selecting your perfect party cocktail!  Whether you’re matching your cocktail colors to the color of your wedding, or cocktail taste to the theme of your party, you’re choice won’t go unnoticed by your guests.

    Have you creatively paired your party’s cocktails to a fun theme or color scheme?  Let us know what you did and how it went! Comment here, email us, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.