Corporate Centerpiece Ideas

    Many different things go into the process of decorating for a corporate event, but centerpieces are a crucial aspect within the world of event décor. You want to be careful not to do too much with your centerpieces that will overwhelm your co-workers, and you also want to make them look nice so that they can help set the mood for your event. Centerpieces can be the perfect touch of style and they can ultimately make your event if they’re fabulous – or break it if they’re not. Here are some corporate centerpiece ideas that can help get you going in enhancing your special night.

    Work with your theme and the time of the season

    If your corporate event has a theme, the easiest way to come up with your centerpieces is to work with that. Does your event have a theme dealing with sports? Give each table a football, a baseball, a basketball, or a golf ball and have your company’s name engraved on it. Are you going to entertain your guests with a Casino night? Try a decorative display of poker chips and cards in the center of the table. Regardless of what your theme is or what season it is, it’s easy to find a way to incorporate it into your centerpieces. A good centerpiece is one that your guests will want to take home with them!

    Floral arrangements

    Flowers and plants always make great centerpieces, no matter what your theme is. Incorporate your company’s color scheme into your floral arrangements. A great way to display your flowers is in mason jars. Many people these days are decorating mason jars to hold different things – and flowers would be perfect fillers! Try to keep the flowers simple: simplicity is key in flower decorations. Too many different types of flowers will distract from the overall beauty of nature.


    Candles are a great easy way to enhance the tables of your corporate event. Try displaying candles that float in water, or scented ones with an aroma that your guests won’t be able to resist! The light and heat of a flame can be just the thing to complete the decorations of your event, and candles are a simple touch to some great decorations.

    Specify to your company

    What is your company all about? Do you promote a certain motto or slogan, or does your company have a specific logo? If possible, try to have a plastic model made of the logo and the motto, and set it in the center of each table. Do you have a color scheme among your company? Try to stick to that color when designing centerpieces, even if they’re just flowers or just decorative vases of marbles.

    Quick Tips

    In preparing your centerpieces, here are a few tips that can help you decide exactly how to put them together once you know what you want to do.

    1. Less can be more! You don’t need giant decorative pieces on your tables: stay proportional to the size of your table and make sure not to block the view for the people across from your guests!
    2. Get help! Ask your close friends or family to help you out if you are making your centerpieces at home. They can be time consuming, not to mention frustrating!
    3. Remember that these centerpieces are for a corporate event! Don’t make your tables look like a wedding – keep them business appropriate but still attractive!