Corporate Event Design Trends

    Corporate events trends are ever-evolving along with guests’ needs and cultural requirements. We explore five event trends that can easily be incorporated into any corporate function or conference that provide duel benefits such as delight guest while also feeding them or provide marketing on your behalf.


    Edison Lighting

    Has been popular for years. They create a vintage yet clean look and bring a bit of warmth to any room. Stringing them above tables, light halls, or walkways with vintage light bulbs. Typically you would find this trend at weddings, but adding them to a corporate event adds an industrial refined look, helps the event feel more personal, and stays on-trend. 


    Custom Food Station

    Folks, in general, like to eat or drink food in their particular preference. Providing guests with a quick and easy drink or food station that provides them the freedom to create their food item exactly how they want it. It’s also fun and great conversion starter. Avoid lengthy and complicated setups such as making sushi rolls, that prevent them from interacting with each other or pulled away from the true meaning of the function for too long. Depending on the time of day and season, here are a few ideas to spark your imagination: 

    hot chocolate, lemonade, mimosa, or Bloody Mary, taco salad bar, fruit salad, ice cream sundaes.

    Instagram Wall

    Encourages attendees to not only have fun and gather together but they will gladly share those happy photos across their social accounts and tag their location while including hashtags in their caption. Take it one step further and have signs nearby of the exact hashtags and handles to tag that you wish to be included when someone posts a photo. Great way to free promotion and expand your audience reach. 


    Branded Photo Booth

    Much like the Instagram-able wall, with a branded photo booth you can get attendees connecting, networking, and having fun all while promoting your brand or a sponsors brand. Guests can take home printed branded photos or you can opt to make all photos digital encourage guests to check online for the photos that they can then share across their social accounts to all their friends - again sharing your brand with a new and expanded audience. 


    Sustainable Options

    Not only is choosing sustainable options for your event environmentally friendly, but it can also be worked into a design element. 

    Use compostable food trays, storage items, cutlery, and napkins throughout the event. Also, provide disposal stations, so folks can separate waste items from recyclable items. Avoid handing out printed items to all guests, instead keep sign s at all entrances with a QR code that directs them to directions, FAQs, event maps, WIFI password, etc. 

    Eliminating plastic straws from your event entirely is the easiest choice you can make and also prevents hundreds of straws from being added to landfills. 

    Hand out reusable cups at the start of the event to all guests, this sets the stage that this event is eco-friendly the cup can also double as a swag item. Guests can take their new cup over to the lemonade bar and make themselves a fresh drink exactly how they enjoy it!


    What are some fantastic design ideas that you’ve seen at corporate events? Let us know in the comments section below!

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    Author: Nicole Catatao