A Deeper Look into the Nontraditional Event Venue

    These days, more event pros are turning to nontraditional venues when it comes to hosting soirees. It’s easy to see why: the benefits abound, including more freedom to choose your food and drink vendors, unique options when it comes to decor design, and memorable, outside-the-box experience for guests.

    So, what are the options when it comes to nontraditional events, and what makes them stand out from their competition or more traditional venues? Read on to find out.

    Nontraditional event venues include but are not limited to:


      Coworking spaces

      Bowling alleys

      Movie theatres

      Art galleries



      Fitness studios



      Ski resorts

      Recreation centers

    A Deeper Look into the Nontraditional Event Venue

    What the experts are saying:

    “People are looking for places to go where they can be interactive with their friends, family, and colleagues that are outside of a traditional bar or restaurant setting. Boutique bowling alleys combine an iconic game (or games) with great food and drinks to create a destination that fills that niche market. Our space and menu are designed to make people interact, which is key to hosting a successful event.” –William Stallworth, founder, and director of events for The Painted Pin

    “We focused on creating a space that is very open and flexible and conducive to different types of setups. We hosted barre classes at our bar, had a full wedding ceremony, DJ and dance floors installed, live music, and marching band. Our events range anywhere from small private corporate dinners to celebrations of up to 250 people, including sit down dinners, buffet-style parties, or simply cocktails and networking. We do a lot of private events from corporations to birthday celebrations to weddings or bar mitzvahs. We specialize in creating a unique setup for each event.” –Ruta J. Laukien, founder and president of Liquid Art House

    The benefits of hosting events at nontraditional venues include:

      An attention-grabbing setting

      Built-in conversation starters for guests

      More freedom to choose your food and drink vendors

      More general flexibility when it comes to lead time

      The ability to play off the venue for the event theme

      Unique options when it comes to decor design

      A memorable, outside-the-box experience for guests

      They’re ideal for smaller or more intimate events

    Editor's Note: This post was originally published on the Gather blog
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