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4 Sep 2020 | By Amanda Gray

DIY Dinner Party

Planning a dinner party can be a stressful process. You want to make sure that the guests are happy and entertained, while also providing enough food and snacks. Here are some easy DIY ideas for fun decorations and meals to incorporate into your next dinner party!


An “Insta Worthy” Photo Wall

At any type of party, people will constantly be taking pictures. Whether they’re selfies, cute portraits, or silly group pictures with friends. No matter what type of picture, it’s important to have the best backdrop so that the pictures are perfect to post on Instagram. It’s easy to design a backdrop wall with some glue dots, washi tape, crepe paper, or even balloons. Your guests won’t be able to resist taking pictures in front of this wall. You could even create some props with construction paper cutouts of mustaches, lips, phrases, drinks, or sunglasses. It creates great memories and something fun for the guests to do!


Update Old Napkins

The table is the focus point of the party. It’s where guests will sit down to eat, place their drinks, or just notice right when they walk in. Designing a beautifully set table will wow your guests and one way to do that is by creating cute napkins for the guests. Rather than going out and buying new ones, take your old napkins and some fabric paint and spice them up! A great way to hide an old stain that just won’t come out or make it look like you actually did go buy new ones. Keep it simply with all one pattern on every napkin, or get super creative and give each napkin a different pattern. Your guests will love it and it will look like you put in more effort than you actually did!


DIY Cocktail Glasses

This is something you can do before your guests arrive, or incorporate into the party as a fun activity or craft. All you need are some short cocktail glasses of your choosing, a gold leafing kit (maybe more depending on how many glasses or guests you have), and a dishwasher safe sealer to put on after the gold. This is something the guests can take home after the party and use in their everyday life! If you decide to design them before the party, they will look great with the table settings, or they will be a fun activity to keep guests entertained!


Make Your Own Pizzas

Who doesn’t love pizzas? This is a great way to entertain your guests, while also taking some pressure off of you when it comes to cooking. Buy already made pizza dough (amount depends on how many guests you have), chop up some veggies like pepper, mushrooms, olives, or onions into small bowls, and let the guests get into groups to create their own pizzas. If you want, every guest can make their own pizza, but for oven space purposes groups may work better. It is a fun activity for the guests and they get to make the food that they want to eat.


S’mores Bar

It’s not a dinner party without some sort of dessert. A s’mores bar, again, keeps guests entertained and they get to create what they want to eat. Put some marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate bars, pretzels, sprinkles, fudge, and anything else you think your guests may want to put on their s’mores into small cups or bowls. Put all this on a cute tray and bring it out at the end of the party. It’s a great way to unwind and digest the delicious dinner. S’mores are fun and messy to eat so they are bound to produce a few laughs as well as “mmm’s” and “ahhhh’s”.


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