Easy Ways to Follow Up with Clients After an Event

    Networking is critical to growing your business however oftentimes people are unsure of how to successfully follow up with prospective clients after an event. Here are five clear steps you can follow to ensure folks remember who you are and what you have to offer.

    Rekindle the conversation. How many business cards have you given out at networking events? And how many of those people have you followed up with? It's imperative that you show the initiative and take the first step to rekindle the conversation. Email is usually the best way to do this as it makes it easy for the client to respond when it is convenient for them. If by chance you did not receive their email address you can always connect with them on LinkedIn. Always make this initial contact sooner rather than later. Within 24 hours after leaving the event space is ideal, and you certainly don't want to wait more than a week.

    Remind them who you are. Mention where you met them right off the bat so they remember who you are within the first line of your email. Better yet, make a personal connection and refer to a topic the two of you had previously discussed during your initial contact. As a tip, take notes at the networking event on who each person is so you can use the notes to make an authentic follow up connection afterwards. Don't be generic or re-state your pitch as it could turn people off.

    Connect the dots. Next, tell them why you want to continue the conversation. Do you already know a bit about their business and have some ideas that you think could help them? Do you see some other ways you two could work together in a mutually beneficial relationship? Let them know!

    Suggest a low-pressure next step. It's common for people to propose face-to-face meetings as the very next step after meeting someone at a corporate event or networking social gathering. However it's best to propose a low-pressure next step such as a 15-minute phone call. This can be just as effective as a face to face meeting as long as you have a clear agenda to keep the conversation moving in the direction you want.

    Make it a mutually-beneficial conversation. No one wants to hear a one-sided sales pitch. It's important to let them know that you want to have a conversation with them to get to know their business and goals but also so they can get to know your business and goals. By angling it this way, your prospective client will feel more at-ease knowing you are just trying to uncover ways you might be able to help each other.

    How long do you usually wait to follow up with clients? Do you have any other tips that you've seen work well in the past? Share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter.