Evites: Pros and Cons

    Thinking of using online invitations for your next event? Evites are an easy and effective way to get the word out about your next event—but they may not be right for every occasion. 


    As a general rule, formal occasions like weddings, major birthdays, or milestone anniversaries lend themselves well printed invitations. Evites, on the other hand, are perfect for more casual gatherings like team-building events, nights out with friends, and family reunions. 


    Still on the fence about if evites are right for you? Let’s look at the pros and cons of email invitations:


    • They are quick.
    If you are planning a last-minute event or need to save time, evites are quick and easy. You don't have to fuss with writing addresses or mailing out invitations. Customize a template, upload the emails of your guest list, and send. From start to finish you can have your invite out in a matter of minutes. 


    • You can manage your RSVPs online.
    People will RSVP to your party online which makes it super easy to track guests. Depending on the site you choose, guests may even be able to leave comments about why they cannot attend and view who else is invited.


    • Many are free.
    Most evite sites have both free and premium options which certainly helps party planners who are on a tight budget. Even if you choose to use a premium template, you are almost guaranteed to pay less than you would for printing and mailing invitations. Evite, for example, costs $59.99 for sending their premium evites to 100 or fewer people with considerably more affordable subscriptions for event planners. 


    • Online is not convenient for everyone.
    Even in a digital age, if your guest list is on the older side online invites might be tricky. Additionally, evites work best if you readily have email addresses for your entire guest list—otherwise you will be busy chasing down
    contact information. Even for tech-savvy guests, evites can get lost in cluttered inboxes.

    • Evites don’t make great keepsakes.
    A well-designed and printed invitation can be kept as a keepsake forever. It can be placed in a scrapbook, hung up in a home, or kept in a memory box. Online invitations are not as easy to keep for sentimental value.

    • Evites give the impression of a casual event.
    If casual is what you are going for, great! However, if you want your event’s first impression to feel momentous, an evite probably isn’t up for the job. If you've taken the time to reserve a beautiful venue, a mailed invitation might be a better fit for setting the tone. 


    Best places for free evites (plus examples) 

    If you’ve decided that an online invitation is right for you, you have plenty of options for customizable invitations for any occasion. 

    Here are our favorites: 

    1. Evite

    evite example

    Evite has been around since 1998 and continues to be a popular option today due to their thousands of free and premium templates, many of which are hand-drawn or animated. If you’re looking for an incredibly easy experience, Evite is hard to beat. They even have a mobile app where  you can send invitations via text , email, or Facebook, track RSVPs, and message your guests. 

    2. Paperless Post 

    paperless post example

    New York City-based, Paperless Post is a slightly sleeker provider specializing in design-focused invites. Paperless Post partners with fashion designers like Kate Spade New York and Oscar de la Renta to create chic online invites. While there are free options here, you will likely have to spend a small amount if you are sending to more than 50 guests. 

    3. Greenvelope

    Greenvelope evite example


    Potentially one of the pricier options for online invites, Geenvelope runs about a $1 per email address. That said, their annual pricing is great if you plan on sending a fair amount of invites—like maybe quarterly corporate events or weekly lunch and learns. There are also some impressive features like the ability to add music, track email opens, and add photos to customize your invites. 

    What's your take on evites? 

    Love them? Hate them? Let us know in the comments! And if you’re on the hunt for an impressive venue for your next event, check out the EventUp venue directory to find the space that’s right for you.