Evites: Pros and Cons

    Thinking of using online invitations for your next event? Evites certainly have their place, but they are not suitable for every occasion. It depends heavily on the type of event you are hosting.

    As a tip, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other formal, special occasions are probably not the best for sending online invitations. It's too casual and can make the event seem less important. Big occasions deserve the extra effort of creating and sending hard-copy invitations.

    On the other hand, Evites are perfect for more casual gatherings like a corporate event dinner party, bowling night with friends or movie night with the family. They are also a convenient option to use when planning a last minute event where you do not have time to print and send formal invitations.

    Here are a few pros and cons for email invitations:


    They are quick. If you are planning a last minute event or need to save time, evites are quick and easy. You don't have to fuss with writing addresses or mailing out invitations. Simply upload your email address book and you're set.

    Manage RSVPs online. People will RSVP to your party online which makes it super easy to track guests. Depending on the site you choose, guests may even be able to leave comments about why they cannot reply and view who else is invited.

    They are free. Most evite sites are free which certainly helps party planners who are on a tight budget. The websites where you have to pay a small fee are usually still cheaper than printing and mailing invitations.


    Not everyone is online. We live in a digital age. However some people are not online yet or do not feel comfortable using the internet to reply to a party invitation. Events like weddings where there may be a large amount of older family members might not be the ideal event to use evites. Also, people's email inboxes get cluttered very easily so it's possible even tech-savvy guests could miss the invitation if it gets lost in their inbox.

    Keepsakes. A well-designed and printed invitation can be kept as a keepsake forever. It can be placed in a scrap book, hung up in a home, or kept in a memory box. Online invitations are not as easy to keep for sentimental value.

    They are free. While listed as a "pro" this can also be a downside to email invitations. Some people may get the impression that your party is less important or special. If you've taken the time to reserve a beautiful event space for a special occasion, it would be a shame for guests to think your party is not a big deal because they heard about it via email.

    What do you think about evites? When was the last time you used evites? What are you planning on using for your next event's invitations? Share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or Twitter.