Four Event Trends to Look Out for in 2021

    Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person events - Oh My! There are many ways we’ll be gathering 2021 - and we can’t wait. While 2020 was the year of the virtual event, we can (finally) expect to see in-person events slowly return this year, and we’ll even likely get to experience the best of both worlds with hybrid events. Here are the trends we are excited to see come to fruition in 2021:

    1. Outdoor, Non-Traditional Event Venues Will Be Popular

    We can expect to see a rise in demand for non-conventional venues that have access to outdoor space. While we still navigate the pandemic and restrictions on gatherings, outdoor venues will be sought after for their sense of safety and the ability to social distance. Venues like breweries, wineries, or venues with rooftop or patio access will be popular, especially in the spring/summer seasons.


    2. More Focus on Virtual & Hybrid Events & Experiences

    Don’t log out of zoom just yet - virtual events are still happening this year, but luckily we’ve gotten better at hosting (and attending) them. Whether it is a completely virtual meeting or a hybrid event combining virtual and in-person aspects we will, planners will be expected to create memorable experiences, but how? By investing heavily in producing and curating more intimate virtual experiences or experiential interactions, and focusing on maximizing in-person networking with smaller, regional meetings where content is live-streamed from a remote, central location.


    3. Smaller Events, Closer to Home

    We will likely see social and corporate events return but at a much smaller scale this year, and closer to home. For social events, local restaurants, venues, and caterers will see demand for in-person social gatherings, such as baby showers, micro weddings, and birthdays before their corporate clients return. With corporate events, we can expect to see hybrid events this year - where companies may opt to rent a venue to host their event speakers and sessions, and live stream it to locations where they host smaller, regional meetings to encourage networking.


    4. Emphasis On Health & Safety

    Attendees who go to events will be looking at everything through a healthy and safe lens, so we can expect venues and planners to be focusing heavily on these elements. With food & beverage, we will continue to see small, individualized portions, the absence of buffets, and an emphasis on foods that are a health and immunity booster. Technology will continue to encourage contactless encounters - and at larger events, we can even expect to see wearable devices that will alert when someone comes within 6ft of another person. In regards to meeting spaces, planners will be looking for larger spaces and ballrooms for fewer people to ensure enough distance between individuals.


    Now that you know the 2021 trends within the events industry make sure your team is in a position to capitalize on the changes in the year ahead!


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    Author: Rachel Mazzola